Repairing Your Syma S107


There comes a time with any Remote Controlled Helicopter that they will need some repairs and maintenance.

I am not very good at videos myself but found a few here that might help from YouTube how to do some basic repairs. I have also put a page up for some of the main Syma S107  Spare Parts Required


How to Replace Syma S107 Gears

Changing Throttle Control on Syma S107 Remote

Have mentioned this on Modification post -this is another concept of taking tension off throttle remote control.

This is a General Problem on 3 Channel Helicopters

Syma S107 Spins and will not Lift and Take Off.

Replacing Syma S107 Balance Bar

How To Fix Inner Shaft

Links below for more help.

Great help now on the Syma 107 Forum with videos on repairs.

Syma S107 Spare Parts
Syma S107 Battery Problems
Syma S107 Forum

My Amazon Syma Store

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