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Well Syma is keeping up with the new concepts of rc by the entry into quadcopters with  the 4-axis UFO X1. As most of my readers know I am well into Syma helicopters,especially the Syma S107G(Review)So decided to do a small review of the Syma X1 4 Channel 2.4G RC Quad Copter - UFO As you can see by the photos below they have a few different canopies that give a look as a UFO, Space craft look, and a Bumblebee - bit different.


Syma-Spacecraft-x1-quadcopter  syma-bumble-bee-x1

 Syma X1 Specifications:

  • Diameter: 26cmHeight: 6cmFeature:Up/down,left/turn right,forward/backward
  • Product Battery: 3.7V/350mAh Li-poTransmitter Battery: 4 "AA" Batteries (NOT included)
  • Charging time: About 40 Minutes
  • Flying time: About 5-6 Minutes
  • Controlling distance: About 40 Meters:  Frequency: 2.4GChannel: 4 channels

What comes in the box:

  • Syma UFO X1 Quadcopter x 1
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter x 1
  • 3.7V Li-Polymer Battery x 1
  • USB Charging Cable x 1
  • Manual x 1
  • Spare Propeller x 1 Set

The  Features:

Feature:Up/down,left/turn right,forward/backward
Product Battery: 3.7V/350mAh Li-po
Charging time: About 40 Minutes
Flying time:  About 5-6 Minutes
Controlling distance: About 40 Meters
Frequency:   2.4G
Color(s):  UFO
Channel: 4 channels

 Pros and Cons all in one:

I bought my UFO from Focalprice and the Bumblebee Syma from Amazon. They arrived in a neat box with charger and spare rotors.....Shown below Syma X1 UFO. I will try and get the different canopies as they become available.


I already own the Wiltoy V929 Quad and the Blade MQX Quadcopter so was interested to see how the Syma X1 compared to others. Having said that feel it is important to stress the Blade MQX is a lot more expensive ($169) because it has Spektrum technology that simple means will bind to a Spektrum remote which is great to put expo and dual rates on the remote,but that is a cost of  around $120 more.... and a Spektrum Remote

The Syma UFO out of the box was easy to get flying.Must admit I have not used supplied charger as have others already like the Eflite Celectra Charger that works well for my many batteries. Ok let's get into the good stuff!!

The remote is rather nifty:syma-x1-ufo-remote A nice size to hold or put on a transmitter tray, also 2.4 GHZ which means you can fly out side as not infra red.. however the great concept is you can by clicking the top left hand side of the remote a small button to basically change the expo to give a softer fly for beginners and click back to give full fast action. There is another button top right that when pressed will flip the quadcopter right over,just make sure you have a bit of height before you do that. Video below.

 Battery Issues

Let me show you a photo here of the battery attachment:

It is neat but also really tricky to plug in if you have big banana fingers like me..also replacement batteries are around $7 .. to expensive for me as want at least 6 batteries charged ready to go: So I just cut the little bit of plastic holding the Jst connector  and bought 6 batteries from Hobbyking :  The cost per battery was $2.60 plus some cheap postage..if I buy some more will put up Hobbyking Buddy codes to get cheaper. Check out this site for buddycodes .Found it gave me more room to connect they are also 600mah so longer flying time..they are also thinner ,so you might have to put a little bit of sellotape around battery to get a snug fit in the big deal. Now on our forum  Syma X1 mod-View here ..Great forum thread.

Photo of Hobbyking battery

Turnigy nano-tech 600mah 1S 35

Flying Tips For The Syma UFO:

Because I have a few Mini RC  Quadcopters I found as you first turn on the remote and wait for beeps, then you plug your battery into the Syma Quad underneath and turn over fast to put legs down on a flat surface before it binds to remote to give the gyro the correct gyro position as found can have erratic flying if not correctly bonded to remote --open to views on that below in comments if you have found that problem..

Depending on your flying skills, as a beginner adjust top left button on remote, less twitchy..The gyro set up or called the X1-12-Circuit board on this quad is really first class ..................x1-uf0-circuit-board

Always be careful connecting battery to the board and not twisting hard as it is just a solder joint holding to the board, use both hands to hold jst connector and push on with the right hand--to make it simple I put a ink mark on both connector and battery to know the correct side up,saves time at the field..

The biggest problem flying any quad is orientation to what is the front and back end!! The higher you get the harder it becomes..hence FPV..That is another blog to complete!. So some tips below first flight...

  • Start just to hover,if quad moving left or right adjust on remote.
  • I have a mode 2 remote,throttle up on the left stick and then on right stick push forward a bit,,now realize you have created say movement forward and inertia means until you push briefly on the right stick the opposite way to stop forward movement.. it will drift forwards otherwise.So practice forward and back moves to bring back to a hover.
  • Rudder Controls: On a mode 2 remote are on the right stick better known as yaw--so now you are hovering push right  stick to see your quad slide to the right,,practice for both left and right


  • Now you feel a bit cocky-good- Time to spin the Syma Quad 360 degrees..using mode 2 remote push the left throttle stick to the left,she will turn to face you or pushed more face back to the front..slight problem here.. you might also need to control throttle stick..


  • So now you know the controls- yezz-well not yet..hover fly forwards,turn left on throttle stick adjusting throttle, now she is coming back to you with the front of the quad..woo all movements on the right stick are now reversed..want to drift right push the stick left...crash-oh no! Always do you first and practice flights on a grass field..nearly impossible to do huge damage..if you crash turn off throttle stick immediately --how did you go? Comment below.Repairs are really so easy to the Syma Quad say compared to rc helicopters, and cheap, more info below--yes you will crash as you progress, part of the fun!!


Would I buy The Syma X1 Quadcopter??


Yes, my definite yezz. Still love my Syma 107 G  ,but this is a outdoor machine that will take a bit more flying control but bloody awesome fun.below if you have a passion to buy are some genuine safe places to buy from..sorry no Ebay links here..just my buying advice.. Also stay posted on our forum for mods etc on the SymaX1 RC Quadcopter


 November Update

Well after many flights and crashes one of the motors has burnt out on the UFO version I have, if flicked on prop will start to spin but not stronger enough to lift the quad.Now I have to say the same thing happened on my Blade MQX Quad again after some serious crashes on concrete floor.Really easy to replace, however I feel the motors might be a weak point on these quads as the are not brushless..Syma-x1-forward-motorKeeps the cost down I guess.There are also two motors, forward and reverse with different colored wires.Now this might just be my mad flying and serious crashes as I do push it to the max that might have screwed up the motor.So far they do not seem to be available from Amazon..I have found spares on Amazon you might want to get the forward and reverse for spares just in case.Will see if I can find cheaper spares and post here.

The other thing is the canopies are pretty weak sought of polyurethane  plastic and on one crash the canopy had lifted up a bit and as I pushed up the throttle the rotors ripped holes in the canopy,so just be careful doing that.


Safe Buying for the Syma X1 RC Quad:


Always I recommend Amazon to buy from as just really safe,especially if you have would be Focaprice, has Free Shipping. A point to mention all free shipping sites take longer to get your Syma but-is the cost factor important? to me yes,,but for most stay with Amazon, just really safe buying..

Will add more info as I crash rebuild and try some FPV with this Syma UFO Quad,,stay around,,feel free to comment below or join forum for free,,, "Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee"

Above banner link to Amazon(Hand picked sellers by me)

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