Syma S033G Review.

Syma S033G


This Review of the Syma S033G is by the Courtesy of Paul Nugent, better known as "Ratcat" on the Syma Forum.

Thank you Ratcat for your time and effort to do this review of the S033G and the great photos- much appreciated- SF.

Buying advice For Syma Helicopters posted below this article.


For those wanting to know if this big RC Helicopter is worth buying and if it is value for money well the short answer is yes – but don’t be expecting an outdoor ready machine. This Syma S033G is best suited to a large indoor arena such as an indoor tennis court but can be flown outdoors on almost windless days.

The S033G was purchased on eBay from a Melbourne retailer and arrived in good time. The packaging was well presented. The only thing awry was that the auction specified free batteries for the Remote control. They were not there but that was not a big deal. There were three spare tail blades but as mentioned later they will never be used. Once unpacked, it was just a simple matter of plugging the supplied AC adapter charger into a 240 Volt outlet and connecting it to the S033G’s battery connector. There is also a connection for the battery to the Circuit board that you need to connect before charging.

A considerable amount of time is required for a full charge IE: 90 minutes and once the battery has reached full charge the charger will glow green (well more a yellowy green!).

The S032G is the smaller (approx. 30 CMs or half the size) in the Syma series and is almost an identical replica. Both Helis operate with the same remote control on 27 mHz. With the antenna wire wrapped around the landing skids on the S032G it would momentarily lose connection with the Remote control, the same for the S033G so it is better to just leave it dangling freely.


Quick Specs For The Syma S033G –


Type: Coaxial Rotors.

Overall Length: 775mm. (actual 720)

Fuselage: 670mm

Width: 130mm

Height: 305mm.

Main Rotors: 550mm

Control Range 100M

Approximate range over up to 50 meters

Inbuilt rechargeable battery type: 7.4v 1500mAh

Approximate recharging time from flat to full capacity: 150-180 minutes.

Approximate flight time with a full battery 12 minutes


 Good And Bad Points Of The Syma S033G.


Flying Time:

The actual flight time was more like 7 minutes on its maiden flight.

The day was almost dead still but the location was a very large park with ample soft green grass just to play it safe. Controlling this - the biggest of all Syma Helicopters was no harder than controlling the S032G other than the wind that was a constant battle. If staying low (under 6 meters) control wasn’t too bad but once the Heli reached about ten meters it wanted to drift in the direction of the wind despite the throttle being applied fully and flying into the wind. At times it was necessary to land, pick up the Heli and take it back up the other end of the park. This can be overcome a little by applying a couple of mods.

On a very still warm night the Syma S033G was given a run from the backyard. It reached some quite substantial heights but there was no concern that it would disappear as the air was virtually dead still. The red, blue and green side LEDs gave it the appearance of a UFO and people sitting across the road were heard to murmur “Hey check it out, a helicopter”.

Later that same night after another battery charge it was sent out from the front yard and almost straight into a stand of pine trees, (the wind had picked up slightly). This overgrown Yellow dragonfly became entangled in pine branches and plummeted nose first from 12 meters up. There was slight crumpling of the canopy on the nose but it bounced back to shape and the Heli still flew perfectly! When the remote control batteries were checked later on it was discovered that two were dead flat! What an amazing little Chopper this is!



Ratcat Mods


  1. Remove the canopy and snip the plastic tie holding the battery in position. Slide the battery as far forward as it will go and secure it in place with double sided tape. Use one or two plastic ties. You could also use some blue-tac on the nose to make it a little front heavy.
  2. Purchase a double horse 9104 tail rotor blade, it fits perfectly in place of the original. You will need to cut the wires and reverse them as this blade is back to front.
  3. After doing these mods there was a noticeable difference in forward thrust but alas you will still need to fly on almost still days.


Remote Supplied With The Syma S033G.



The remote is a 3.5 channel RF (Radio Frequency) controller rather than an IR controller as used with the S107. One of the advantages being that it is not affected by sunlight. It uses four ‘AA’ size batteries and they appear to use very little power. The same batteries used here have only been recharged once.

Unlike most Remote controls where the trim control is placed centrally the S033G and S032 Remote control (which are identical) is placed on the lower right of the remote which at first can be a bit of a nuisance as one has to constantly take a quick look to locate it, but eventually you will be able to locate it by feel. There is a button located to the lower left of the trim control which is meant to change the performance from Beginner to Master although at the time of testing no measurable change could be detected with the button pushed in or out.

Conclusion Of The Syma S033G

In conclusion – After owning several other brands of Heli including 2 double Horse it can be stated irrefutably that this is the best of the cheap junk (Large) Helis. It has taken quite a battering but still performs without a hiccup!



Great easy review from Ratcat(Forum)--I have not purchased the Syma  S033G as per yet-but now will consider another Syma Helicopter to my fleet.Please feel free to leave comments below or join our forum.

Just a point from me Syma Freak-- Coaxial RC Helicopters do not fly well outside with any breeze- if you are looking to take the step to fly outside you need a single rotor heli like a Walkera CP Mini single rotor-then the costs start to fly high-excuse the pun!-start cheap.learn,then go for bigger more expensive helis- Just fly coaxial helis like the Syma S107G to start indoor flying-Having said that Ratcat has told me the 033G flies great outside with no wind. View the S031G Review, not my favorite Syma helicopter as to big with not having brushless motors-The S033G is a much better balance in size and with Ratcat tail mod is a neat machine.


Safe Buying For The Syma S033G

Amazon is always my safe place to buy:Reason great return if faulty product.Amazon Link Here

Some Times Amazon will not ship to certain countries:Below some options I have bought from.The links below are free shipping and a bit more expensive than Amazon.


Amazon Syma Store

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