JXD 340 Drift King 4CH RC Helicopter w/ Gyro

Jxd3401-drift-helicopterYou guys know me as the Syma Freak-no I am not jumping ship here, however I am always on the look to see if their is competition for the Syma Helis, especially my baby the Syma S107

I came across this mini bird JXD 340 Drift King that interested me because it is a 4 channel heli: To explain more-Let me put some specs  below:


* Body Length: 250mm
* Width: 50mm
* Height: 115mm
* Main Rotor Diameter: 200mm
* Total Weight: 41g
* Battery for helicopter: Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery
* Charging Time: Approx 30-40 Minutes
* Flight Time: 5-7 Minutes
* Control Distance: 15m or less
* Battery for controller: 6 AA batteries (Not Included)


* Helicopter x 1
* Remote Controller x 1
* USB Cable x 1

Per Unit

* Dimension :46 x 19 x 9cm
* Gross Weight : 543g

* Dimension: 54 x 48 x 39cm
* Gross Weight: 7,560g

My Experience With The JXD 340 Drift King:

The S107 is a great 3 channel. The controls are different for the 4 channel JXD 340. The throttle will be on the left stick on both transmitters but the elevator to go back and forth, and the rudder will be both on the right stick on the S107.
Providing the transmitter used by the JXD 340 is set up as a "mode 2", the rudder for yaw will be on the left together with throttle, and the elevator, and aileron will be on the right stick.My personal opinion it can be difficult to learn both types in your beginner flying experience. It may actually be more difficult for guys that have been flying 2 and 3 channel exclusively.

I bought from Ebay-bad move, parcel was damaged and missing USB charge cable-luck was had a few spare cables that fitted ok-Took a hour to charge and gave me less than 3 minutes flying, not a happy camper at this stage. Paypal is trying to resolve this problem-just been unlucky. hence hate Ebay some times-However have got one from Amazon I buy a lot of helis from them and like their backup to return goods.

So a little pissed off as really wanted to do a review of the JXD 340 Drift King- However stay with me here-have a friend that has one and reckons flies well.You know me guys I love Syma helicopters and always see if there is a better indoor mini heli out there-My Syma S107 Review

07/22/2011 Well have been flying the Drift King for awhile now-my verdict-takes ages to charge,only gets me four minutes of flying and gets a bit bogged down and needs to keep throttle up-All in all not bad to fly but not a patch on the Syma S107-only my opinion. Especially now with the Syma s800g that drifts

Video below

Where To Buy The JXD 340 Drift King

Amazon -Safe Buying for JXD Helicopters
JXD Spare Parts

Comments are more than welcome on the JXD Drift King below-Tell me your experience with this heli if you have bought one-guess I will stick with the Syma Helis at this stage as have heaps of them and I can fly these birds like hell-found this link to a forum on the JXD RcGroups hope it works ok.

Just got a great email from Shawn on his first flight with a JXD 340 Drift King----

Hello, just opened my eBay Drift King. Superstition Hobby did a great job on shipping. I have 2 Promptness Speed 3 ch helicopters, those 2 where my first and only until I  got the JXD. Wow! What a difference. My JXD flies the normal length time. The round knob on upper right of controller is Sweet. Trim knob. I don't have a lot of time flying, but I will say the JXD is very smooth, and super nice to fly.(Shawn sent me a video below)

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