The New Syma X6 Quadcopter

A quick look at the Syma New X6 Quadcopter.

Well Syma are keeping up with the quadcopter world which is really neat bringing out the New bigger Syma X6 Quadcopter. At this stage I have not bought one yet, hence just a quick review of the X6 that I have observed.

I like the look of the X6 by Syma..A problem I thought tho was you can only fly 30 meters from the remote radio, my question would be what happens then, does she fall out of the sky or just flies away, as said do not have one yet so any comments put below or on the forum. Updated review below.

Some specs below of the Syma X6.

Brand Name: Syma
Item No.: X6
Item Name: RC Quadcopter
Frequency: 2.4G
Battery: 7.4V 850mAh Lipo
Charging Time: about 120 minutes
Flight time: about 8 - 10 minutes
Control distance: about 80 - 100 meters I am seeing more like 30 meters, I could be wrong here!
Dimension: 56 * 56 * 10cm

Flying Techniques.

 Have found the X6 on Amazon

Great Review Below From Jam DJ Moderator On Forum.

After a long, cold winter here in the Northeast United States and a few weeks of practice and patience learning 4-channel flying, the Syma X6 Supership definitely gets 4.5 out of 5 stars in my flight book!

So, let's get the techie stuff out of the way! Overall size of the X6 is the largest Syma has under it's own brand to date. It's also their first attempt at a cross styrofoam body and plastic superstructure. Length: big. Width: bigger! Height: believe it or not, is about the same as our S107s. This is truly one sleek flying machine!

The battery is a 7.4V, 850mAh LiPo and is field-changeable. An extra one doubles the flight time. Charging time is about 1 hr 40-45 mins for about 9 to 10 minutes of flight.

I didn't find any noticeable difference in flight time from holding it at a hover (or trying to), to doing laps around the yard. Included in the box are a 110V charger and transformer, as well as the heli and remote, of course! 4 AA batteries are not included for the remote.

I followed the 15 minute rule here, even though I wasn't sure if that rule applies to let battery cool down before charging..

My flight distance turned out being 100-120 ft (30-40m) from the remote. Some reviewers have stated a distance of 100m but mine wasn't even close! Maybe if you measure from extreme left to extreme right of your flying area with you in the middle, depending on how you look at it. Therefore the overall flight range is about 250 ft (75-80m).

I never reached the maximum ceiling, as I got more nervous about loosing her the higher up she went! I also read that it has a built-in GPS or recovery mode in a different review. Nope, when the X6 looses signal, it will gently descend and land wherever it is, hopefully not in a tree or someone's roof. (Been there, done that!)

It will not return itself to an area where it lost signal and it does not just quit and crash, either, which is a good thing. When mine lost signal, I ran towards it about 10 steps and was able to recover it and continue flying.

The remote is a typical 2.4 G found with most of Syma's larger models. Keep in mind this is a 4-channel quad so there are a few new functions to get used to. It also operates in mode 1 or mode 2. I used mode 1 since that's what I'm used to, with the left stick being height (makes it go up and down) and also rotates the aircraft left or right without changing flight direction. Forewards/backwards and left/right flight direction ore on the right stick in mode 1.

There is a separate button on the remote that changes this to opposite, and another button to make the X6 do a stunt. Another button changes the speed of the quad from "fast" to "faster"

The X6 Supership's name speaks for itself, it is super! The individual blades are 1 solid piece each, x4. They are about 2 finger widths longer than the overall span of the 107. At first I was disappointed to see the styrofoam black "rings" surrounding and protecting the blades, but once in the air and moving, it looks like 1 complete quad. The rings are very durable and mine haven't cracked yet, despite a few minor smack-ups.

I am sure it can be repaired with electrical tape if a crack appears with no real detriment to flight. This assembly can be removed and reattached, but that takes away from the "coolness" factor and leaves the arms vulnerable to damage.

I found NO difference in flying with or without the blade guards. Note: if you take yours off and need to replace, best to order the 4 pins used to hold this frame to the superstructure also. the underbody of the quad has a fore and aft set of LEDs that flash, the front are solid white and the rear are colors. My front set quit after about a  dozen or so flights, thus the 4.5 star rating. I did see a video on YouTube where someone else was flying without the front ones, so maybe Syma needs to look into this.

Unboxing the X6 deserves a video of help. Be careful! The quad is wire-tied in to the packaging in multiple locations which you don't see at first. Best bet I learned is to remove the remote and accessories first, then flip the box over and cut the wires from the back, being careful to un-thread them from the quad.

They are twisted on there pretty good. It's worth it though, mine arrived undamaged!

Binding the remote to the quad is really easy. Same as the 107 but new feature, it beeps at you when binding (or synching) is complete, So after the beep, leave a message.......!!!


 So how well does The X6 Fly???

It's pretty easy, actually.....once you learn 4-channel! If you've never flown a 4-channel before, you might want to start with something smaller. It's a whole new breed, Stick control is only 25% what you are used to. The biggest reason getting this review out so late was having to learn the mindset of 3-D flying. The X6 is advertised as being "indoor/outdoor" but you'd better have a gymnasium or warehouse at your disposal for indoor flight.

Outside works well in calm breeze, but not wind. I was surprised it would fly into a breeze with just a little extra stick.

Liftoff is pretty impressive! All 4 rotors start spinning and the X6 begins its' ascent, without tipping over. A nudge on the right stick moves the heli forward. Once airborne, hovering is a snap without a breeze, just hold tight on the remote and the X6 remains stationary.

At a comfortable height. I tried forward and backward turning, but found the X6 would spin in the air, without changing direction, thus it was flying sideways! Right stick actually changed the flight direction. After some practice, I was able to coordinate the flight direction to where the heli was pointing! The real fun began once I learned to double stick and get the X6 to do banked turns, which is the key factor in 4-channel flying.

At that point, I could turn up the speed and the fun factor increased immensely! After awhile, again, I was able to do some high-banked laps around the yard.

Doing trick flying and air show maneuvers with the X6 I'm sure is possible. I tried a mid-air stall, but the gyro on the heli kept it fairly level and I couldn't get it to do a forward somersault. I did get the crabwalk down, though. (Coming down strait through own prop swirl)

Get the X6 moving forward and do an upside down "U" on the left stick for a perfectly executed crabwalk!

Just more practice here for advanced maneuvers! The grand-daddy of all stunts is what Syma advertises as "360-degree Eversion", an advertising term for what we know as a "barrel roll", but nonetheless, is pretty cool!

Get the quad moving quickly at a decent height. Then hit the button on the top right of the remote and a
factory preset of commands will cause the X6 to do a clockwise barrel roll! Another note, make sure you have good airspeed and height before trying this. A low level barrel roll can land the X6 upside down on the dirt or  pavement or grass, trust me on this! And thankfully the Styrofoam frame holds up!

I did not try to fly any cameras on the X6, although there are several videos on YouTube which show it can be done.

I do not know if I did trust a GoPro one this weight and balance are critical. Remember, it is a hobby-grade quad. (And I don't have a GoPro, even if I did, I would not risk it!)

I would, however, try to get a keychain camera on the X6 seems powerful enough to lift one without flight consequences or maybe better a Mobius Camera.

From a cost standpoint, I have found the X6 Supership anywhere from $60-75US and the extra battery about $8-10 US. I did see one site selling a bundle of the heli and a battery for $85US, not a bad deal.From a fun-factor standpoint, the X6 is a definite must-have! Easy once you get the 4-channel thing down pat.

I have loved learning the facts and practicing with a  4-channel quad and that to me was fun!!!! If you already know 4-channel flying, I believe you will have more fun than ever imagined.

From a value standpoint, definitely worth it! I love this quad. Good luck and Happy Flying!

JamDJ (Jerry)Moderator on our forum

Thank you JamDJ For a great unbiased review-Much Appreciated-SF

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