Syma S107 Modifications:


There is a few, however the only one I recommend to get the forward and reverse on the Syma to be faster is to change the rear rotor blade to a Picooz tail rotor blade. I found this video below-you need to invert the tail motor with the Picooz tail blades-more to come on this as in process of testing this concept. Let me tell you this little bird is really ok without any mods-but If you are like me you will eventually want more speed. Just experience what you have first. Picooz Tail Blades Link

Another video of tail motor mod

Another modification is to take out the throttle spring that from factory has a fair bit of tension and flicks back to no throttle if you take your finger off the throttle control-My advice is to just fly the Syma 107 for awhile before changing anything until you want more control- video below from YouTube--

Hacking battery to a 150mAh battery-Cool idea-Not something I would do on your first Syma S107.

Extra Navigation Lights- Sorry to say I have no idea how to do this- not LED Master! Interesting tho.

Please be careful doing any mods could screw you Syma S107 to the burial ground- lol

Syma S107 Camera Mod

Emails Sent to me on Syma S107 Modifications:

From Don--

I really like your controller modification to change the power lever from spring action to resistance.  Clever.  I wanted to let you know that I discovered you also use the variable resister on the right side at the bottom of the joystick mount to center/adjust the forward/reverse action.  On my controllers, the lever had to be pressed too far forward before the tail motor spun up.  Now it only has to be a little forward.  Much nicer and more controllable.  I don't know if you knew about this mod.  It really helps fine control greatly.
Don- Thank you D really love your feed back-SF


Also, I fixed a bad case of TBE (Toilet Bowl effect), where the heli "swings around in a circle" instead of hovering in one place- by tightening the bottom blades.
If you want to use this tip and/or the one about the controller mod on your site I can write them up nice and maybe even to a video on the controller one some day.
Don-Mate we need your video-great work -SF



Point to mention-If you are going to do any modifications I and Syma manufacturer are not held responsible for your mods-Do not do mods and expect a warranty on your Syma S107-Just beware you are on your own with any modifications you do to your Syma-


Dale has sent me some photos of a great battery Mod-Worth a Look-Click



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