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Well Syma has done it again with a new Syma micro helicopter the Syma S110G I have ordered one from Amazon  which has not arrived yet,but a friend that travels to China and a heli freak bought me one back. Going to check when I get one from Amazon to see not a fake- Boy this is a little guy, it is around length only 13.3cm, I thought the Syma S107 was small which as you guys know I love and have heaps of them.

Having only had this micro bird for a day, guess should have waited a little longer with many flights before doing a review, but hey I can add to the post as time goes by.

Here are some specs on the Syma S110G:

  • Material: ABS, Alloy Metal Body/Canopy
  • LED Strobe to flash for night flight
  • Suitable for indoor flight only
  • Dual propeller system
  • Full function 3 channel radio control w/ Built in Gyro
  • Flight stabilizing system
  • Super lightweight airframe
  • Brake for easy landing
  • Battery type: 3.7v Lithium-Polymer (Li-Poly) Battery
  • Charging time: 30 minutes ( Controller) and approx 11 minutes (USB charging)
  • Run time per charge: approx 5 minutes control distance: 10-15 m

Same sought of specs for the Syma S107 but a few different things happening with this bird-One is the remote has a completely different look-pic below.

Syma-S110G-RemoteBit more robust and has flashing front light on the one I have, controls feel a bit tighter and firmer to use-I would still love to see a remote that is not infra red, guess crazy to fly this girl out side, with infra red no can do, and as like the Syma S107 do not fly near a digital TV set as will drop out of the sky.

Battery charging the same as the Syma s107 by usb or remote, Syma says 11 minutes charging by usb I found that to be a little longer, however I really exhausted the battery and heli just spun on the floor-Please do not do that your selves as will screw your battery-max 5 minutes of flying then wait 15 minutes before recharging battery to let cool down-I keep telling people this as you will not get much battery life if you keep charging with out a cool down time between flights.

Photos Courtesy of  RcFever

Syma-S110G-2Syma-S110G-4Here is a crazy video I found on Youtube, is in German, guy just seems to want to smash the Syma S110G to death,guess shows how strong this bird is———-

Now should you buy this over the Syma S107? Because I started with the Syma S107 which is some what bigger I see no reason for around $20 not to buy the Syma S110G, found it to be quicker in forward and backward flights as really a micro, which of course the smaller the better for some people-

I really have to say not tested the Syma S110G as much as the Syma S107, so still feel at this time to first buy the Syma S107 then progress to other helis, no not knocking the S110G at all, but this bird is small and have not had enough crashes as yet, is really stable tho,but like a few weeks of flying to determine any problems. So stay posted-
To me a small micro version of the S107, but hey so far I really like it, so do my friends as most can fly it out of the box like the S107 and enjoy the micro size-

Let me do some more flights and report then-If you are interested in buying this attractive micro heli I have bought from Amazon and Banggood as has them in stock for $24 plus postage, have found a few on Amazon as this is a new heli from Syma still not many cheap deals as yet- Link to Amazon Syma S110G 

Will be updating post as I CRANK my Syma S110G,stay posted:


I like this girl but for me the Syma S107 is just more fun-no not trying to put you off the Syma S110g but a lover of the S107 as guess my first best heli- My view buy the S107 first then build on your garage of Syma helicopters as I have done-Really love them all, but the Syma S107 just stands out to me-Any comments appreciated!

01/09/ Now on my second S110G  My first one had really bad charging problems, just to slow,the problem after stripping down was a bad solder join.The battery charge point under the heli to me is a bit weak as you are pushing into plastic, so be gentle. On and off switch on heli also found a bit weak and hard to determine which way to turn on, after a few times knew which way.

I also feel remote controls not as direct as the Syma S107  and a bit of lag going forward and back, it also bogs down on forward and back motion so you have to give a bit more throttle. All in all ok for someone that has flown a Syma S107 first,I would not recommend this heli to a beginner. I have had emails from people saying really happy with it, however they admitted never flown a Syma S107. Again to repeat my self, buy the Syma S107G first.Talk soon.

Banggood for buying

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