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As I do lots of mods on my Syma S107 Heli and RC planes,there is always a need to solder wires together,like doing Dales Battery Mod  So have found a few videos on soldering that might help some beginners to lose some fear of soldering small wires together and really some neat soldering techniques.

You will need a few tools for soldering.

I have found two sites that might help Amazon and HobbyKing – below are a list of tools and equipment you require:

(1) Soldering Iron:

Now there are some cheap ones out there that are ok to start off with,like a 25 watt is doable. Links below click to view.

Amazon: This is a 25 watt for around $15

Hobbyking: This is 80watt for $4 plus postage,depending where you live might need plug adapter.

(2) Heat Shrink:

You need this to cover your solder joints.

Amazon: This is a starter 48 piece set for around $6

Hobbyking: This link is just to one size but they have heaps from $0.25c upward.

(3)  Helping Hand Magnifier w/LED Light.

These little tools come with alligator clips magnifying glass and really help to hold wires for soldering.

Amazon: Prices start from $7 this one has a light as well for around $10 plus postage.

Hobbyking: This one is around $3 – they sell out of them quickly, just put in wish list they will email you when in stock.

(4) Wire Strippers

You need this tool as cuts off wire plastic coating with ease.

Amazon: Automatic Wire Stripper with Cutter around $10

Hobbyking: Wire Strippers & cutter 2in1.

(5) Of course some solder

To me do not get the unleaded just not as good,if you are worried about small fumes use a fan near you or a paper mask.

Amazon: Around $7 or buy from local hardware store.

Some extra Soldering Help:

Liquid Electric Insulating Tape: Not as good as heat shrink but easy to use.

Solder Sucker:  de-soldering pump.


That really is your starter kit to kick off soldering your Syma helicopters, planes or rc cars and rc boats for less than $85 plus postage you are good to go.

Great video from Supernova (Bernie) From the Syma Forum


Here are a few videos from YouTube to help.

Soldering XT60 Connectors

RC Flight Soldering – Part 1

Part 2

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