Brief Review of The Syma S032

Syma S032This is the Big Brother of The Syma S107-My Review.

This is not a little Bird. This is something different To A Syma S107.

As you guys know I am a Syma Freak with all the Syma Helicopters and could not help myself but buy the big brother of the Syma S107-The Syma S032. So decided to post a brief review on the big Brother S032.

I feel will start off with the specs on this helicopter and then move on to my review of the Syma S032.

Specification of the Syma S032

* Alloy structure, unique design
* Electronic fine-tuning, flying more stable
* All-round 3 channel control
* Advanced intelligent balance system
* New digital full 3D control remotely with power saving mode.
* Full function: up/down, forward/backward, turning left and right, fixed-point hovering.
* Product size:305mmx72mmx150mm
* Flying time: approx 12min
* Flying height: approx 50m
* Control range: 100m
* Charging time: 150-180 min
* Battery: 3.7v 500mah
* Battery for transmitter: 4 x AA (not included)
* Frequency: 27mhz/40mhz/49mhz
* Age: 14+
* Net weight: 1.7kg

That is just the start, this is a much bigger heli than a Syma S107 as you can see by the specifications above. More Below

Bad points of the Syma S032

1: I feel very much even tho the 032 Syma is faster due to bigger rear tail motor it is not a complete out door heli-It must be a real calm day no wind to fly this big bird.Was hoping to fly in hurricanes-lol

2: Know I am fussy but would like to have seen spare rotor blades in the deal package.

3: No USB charging like the Syma S107 and takes 40 minutes to charge from wall charger.

5: When the motors get hot, they draw more amps and that's when the board stops working and the radio contact is lost and the heli drops. Do not fly more than 8- 10 minutes even tho can go for 15 mins-just my view.

6: Instructions written poorly in manual-guess trying to translate from Chinese to English.

Not many problems yet but only had 12 flights-Flying this heli every day I will post on any other bad points I find.

Good Points of Syma S032

1: Much better remote than the Syma S107 as not infra-red which is a plus for flying outside - photo below

syma_s032_remote2: The S032 hovers really well with a small bit of forward slide.  the Syma helicopters are well made. Outdoor flying for the Syma S032 is doable but  stay out of heavy winds. It can fly a fair way from you on a calm day and you still have control.

3: The battery life is about 10-15 mins. depending on how much you use the throttle it. Charges with in 40 mins. It is 12 inches long, 6 inches tall, about 2 inches wide. Has awesome powder fleck paint.

I have decided to keep this as brief as possible with out bashing how good this Syma S032 is as you know me as a lover of the (Syma S107 (Review)

I feel this could be a great plus if your already have a  Syma S107. The Syma S032 will fly outside on a calm day. It is not really expensive to buy, but I ask the question of what are your needs for a bigger heli- Hey guys not trying to put you off the Syma S032 it is a cool big bird-However if you are just starting off flying mini helicopters to me stick with the Syma S107: It is a well proven heli- Just have my doubts about the Syma S032 as really just the same parts and concept but just bigger: Look really open to comments on this- Post below.

I own a Syma S032 but guess got into the S107 for indoor flying, so you might see not as enthusiastic on the bigger brother Syma S032. Hey this is just my feel about it-do your research. If this was my first heli to buy I would be wrapped-however bought the Syma S107 first.

12/28/: Syma 032 Update:

Well over the Christmas period really hammered the Syma So32: I have to say I got some really good outdoor flights on calm days, and got a small crowd around me in the local park-thank God I did not have a crash!-Tried my spy key chain camera attached with Velcro on the S032, not really very successful as balance was a problem so no really good videos to show yet-All in all have got a liking to this big bird-More reports soon

01/02/ Syma 032 Update

I am 90% wrapped in the Syma 032, the only thing that bugs me is the charging time around 30- 40 mins, guess I should buy two-like I have around 11 Syma S107 helicopters so there is one always charged ready to fly. Would like to see Syma organize removable lipo batteries like some of my other makes of helicopters like the Nine Eagles-however prices then jump up.

30th Jan Syma S032G  UPDATE:

I noted that I have a older model Syma S032 that has the smaller 11.8cm blades the latest version has 14.1cm blades. So I bought some from Amazon and put them on my old model-The change was amazing-lifted off with less throttle and control was greatly improved, also means less chance of burning out motors and noticed longer flying time less throttle, really worth the upgrade for around $6.


Hey Guys just bought the biggest big brother to the Syma S032G- The Syma S031G

Review now on the S031G -I bought the Syma S031G from Amazon

All in all I would buy the Syma S107 first, then add the 032G to your army of helicopters.

Looking to buy the Syma S032 I  bought here: Click Link Below.

Buy Syma S032 3CH Coaxial Middle Size RC Helicopter w/ Gyro
Or click photo Below.


Latest Box S032G

This Guy Completely Trashed his Syma S032G. Shows how crash proof they are I guess!!

Found this Video On YouTube (music a pain)

Great Video emailed to me from Jamie .
"Thought you may be interested in my S032g video."

Black Ops Video from Jamie.

Amazon Safe Buying-link Below

Syma S032 Gyro S032G 3.5-Ch Metal Outdoor RC Helicopter Newest Model

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