Review of the Syma X3 Quadcopter

We have put a review together on the Syma X3 with help from our forum members especially Supernova- Enjoy!



  •     Dimension: 22 x 24 x 6.3cm
  •     Feature:Up/down,left/turn right,forward/backward
  •     Product Battery: 3.7V/350mAh Li-po
  •     Transmitter Battery: 4 "AA" Batteries (NOT included)
  •     Charging time: About 50-60 Minutes
  •     Flying time: About 6-8 Minutes
  •     Frequency: 2.4G
  •     Channel: 4 channels


  •     Syma X3 Quadcopter x 1
  •     2.4GHz Transmitter x 1
  •     Spare Propeller x 1 Set (Includes Anti-clockwise and clockwise)
  •     USB Charging Cable x 1


Good Features of The Syma X3

Quadcopters like the Syma X1 and the Syma X3 are 4-axis quadcopter,very light weight with strong chassis frame,virtually indestructible flying outside especially over grass,with the adjustable gyro system performs very stable flight even in light wind outside.Views from Supernova (Bernie) from the forum thoughts about the X3 Syma Quadcopter.


Great Features of The Syma X3.

1/ Ease of battery change
2/ Almost unbreakable
3/ Ease of trim on all axis
4/ Works inside and outside
5/ Instructions are good and easy to understand


 Some Bad Features of The Syma X3 Quadcopter.

1/ Very fast take off inside
2/ Transmitter a bit small for big hands
3/ Needs height to do flips a bit slow on recovery


Supernova review video below of the X3.



Thanks again Supernova for your video review,always well explained-Looking forward to more.

We have done a review also of the Syma X1 also a great entry into a cheap start off with a quadcopter from Syma factory.

Just some points I am looking at for the Syma X3.

  • I noted the X1 remote remote will not work with the X3- open to comments on that.
  • The remote is a new shape,doable but a bit small for my fat fingers,really good control tho with thumbs.



  •  Good point as repeated has a 2.4G remote which means you can fly out side in a very slight wind..I did a review of the Blade MQX which is much more expensive and really not for a beginner and triple the price so see the X1 and the X3 as a cheaper entry point to quads and are really neat to fly outside.
  • My view is you need a few batteries for the X3.. found here  some cheap batteries- on Amazon .
  • I like the fact it is really light in weight and really hard to damage even props as has prop protectors.
  • Seems to me no fakes out there like the Syma 107
  • To bind to remote, turn on the quad, push throttle on remote to high then turn on remote, wait until beeps stop then push throttle back to low position, now ready to fly.


Would I buy the Syma X3 ?

Well yes I would, but I seem to prefer the SymaX1 as a bit more non protected on blades and prefer the battery used, but I get a bit pedantic ,so will be adding more to this review as I fly the X3 more and Supernova also about to review outside flying.

09/08/ Update

I must admit I am enjoying the X3 more, think it is because I have so many helis,quads that all have different remotes, some mode 1,others mode 2,so confusion comes in- Yes I now like the shape of the remote and learning to use just my thumbs, then I go and fly my two big Naza board quads with a Spektrum remote and takes me a few moments to relate to a different remote with fingers not thumbs, hope not confusing you guys?


Where To Buy.

I like Amazon.



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