Syma S107 Parts.

At some time in the future you are going to need some SymaS107 spare parts: Every remote helicopter or plane I fly needs repair parts due to crashes and general wear- Below are the most required parts for the Syma S107: I have created a bit of mixture of sites that I found the cheapest parts from Amazon my favorite, to other sites you will see clicking photos..Some other links at end of post for free shipping sites.

Click photos for more information.

 Best Place I Found For Syma Spare Parts.


Syma L-polymer Battery:Upgrade These will eventually wear out especially if not charged correctly: Battery information and refit advice


This is the contact buckle for the top blades and can get broken fairly often in learning to fly your Syma S107- Click Photos

Full Set Replacement Parts for Syma S107

Full Set Replacement Parts for Syma S107 RC Helicopter, Main Blades, Main Shaft,Tail Decorations, Tail Props, Balance Bar, Gear Set,Connect Buckle-Yellow Set-  $6.45

syma s107-gear-setGear set- 4 gears two studs If you are finding a grinding noise or blades slipping the chances are you might have a tooth worn or broken Gears on your Syma S107:

syma-s107-main-frameMain Frame:  Not very often you will need this as made of Alloy and strong:


Syma S107 Tail blade Set: These get broken hitting walls etc and you should definitely keep a few spare for your Syma S107. They are not expensive and can hold up your flying - order today.

Syma S107- Inner Shaft for Syma S107 RC Helicopter: Can get bent leads to spinning out of control.


Main Shaft for Blades pipe:


Tail Boom With Motor: Not often required unless gets bent-This is hollow inside for rotor motor wires.


This is Main Motor A There are two main motors-Motor B Below.

syma s107-motor-bMain Motor B Good idea two replace both Syma S107 motors if one is faulty- Compatible power.

yellow-syma-bladesYellow Blades

red-blades-symaRed Syma S107 Blades

red-syma-s107-canopyRed Canopy There is also choice of yellow.

USB Syma S107 Charge Cable: This saves your remote batteries and using the usb is far quicker to charge the Syma S107.


Syma S1-7-PCB-BOXPCB-BOX-The main brain:

SYMA_s107_Yellow_tail_decoSyma S107 Tail Deco Yellow

Syma S107 Red Tail Deco


Infra-Red Remote For Syma S107

Just a heads up kevinwelder that posted on my forum gave us a great product to lubricate the Syma S107 Gears-This is Dupont, a silicone spray, however you only need a few drops that can be put on with a cotton bud or as kevinwelder did using a tooth pick brilliant Teflon spray. I use this now on all my planes and helis- Really recommend this product-The great thing is the input from you guys-really appreciate this and know people getting into helis enjoy the help-Again thank you K-This is on Amazon:


 Just bought a few Syma S107 spares from Gearbest Free Shipping

Do your research-watch what you spend on parts.The reason I say that is some times cheaper to buy the latest Syma S107 and keep the old one for spares, really just trying to save you cash..any comments welcome.

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