Clones And Fake Syma S107 rc Helicopters


A clone was a copy of  original product: A fake is To contrive and present as genuine; counterfeit.

As you can see there is a difference: I have a clone Syma S107 with the word Yiboo on the canopy instead of Syma S107-Yiboo is a company in Houston that gets remote rc toys from China registered as "YALCIN KARADAG" Gets interesting does it not. Explained on Home page some of the boxes the Syma S107 is packed in -So will go over this in more detail as I feel it is your first heads up if it is a fake Syma S107.

This box below has Syma S107 G on it and Syma logo-Feel you are safe if comes in this box.

Syma_S_107_boxThis is not the greatest photo-however this was a box my first Syma S107 arrived in-This is the one with Yiboo on the canopy. Photo below of Syma received-This is a clone,well built and perfect to fly.


This Syma S107 is still flying well after 30 plus flights the best I ever bought-This is a clone-all Syma parts just re badged to Yiboo-Many years ago in Australia where I live we had the "Button Plan" where by Ford could sell the Mazda 323 with a Ford badge on it calling the car from memory Ford 1.6 323-guess you get my gist-clones are not all bad fakes are tho.

S107_fake_boxThis box is fake to me as has no Syma Logo-I bought three from Ebay seller for $17 a piece-each one was a dud-batteries would not charge,one just kept spinning and never flew-one remote had remote throttle control stuck in full position,also canopy black glass  was frosty and not shinny-To me these could have been company rejects that the Ebay seller bought, or they were dropped shipped directly to me-Never sent them back-kept one for spares and fixed the others-Even the quality of the alloy frame was poorly molded and marked. Did give seller a poor review on Ebay.

Always if you can buy from your local store or Amazon. Be very careful buying cheap on Ebay as I mentioned bought 3 cheap and duds. I will keep looking for better on line stores for you to buy from.

Other Fake Syma S107 Signs To Watch For.


The main blade holder of fake S107 is made of metal, the genuine one is in pure black color. The main blade of the genuine Syma S107 have a few lines about the warning. However, the fake one only have the word “WARNING"- photo below shows extra writing on blades which is correct Something to check.

click to enlarge.


This is just what I have observed as love the Syma s107 because the correct bought ones are just a beauty to fly and I hate to feel people will buy a fake and hate the Syma and at worst never fly a mini-heli ever again- All written here are my observations and views always research yourself on any helicopter you are going to buy.

Emails Received:

Unfortunately this was sent to me with no name- Always worth different views to help get the best advice for Syma Freaks like me:

Thank you from the unnamed-Always connect with me if you see your email you sent me:

Hello I see your really into these little heli's and your site is really in depth on them so I figured I would share with you.

I received what I feel is a bogus or clone syma that I got from amazon (so they get them too) but wanted to share things to look for that I noticed. In the real one the remote's left stick spring loaded as is the fake but the real one uses a spring for this, the fake has some kind of spring box inside. Also the back of the remotes the texture is diffrent, the real one is textured on the handles of the remote and as for the clone it is smooth.

Another difference the real one has writing on it's chip inside the heli and the fake does not. Also the fake is missing a part inside looks bare compared to the real one. You mention the little black piece connecting the blades being metal in fake ones but my fake has a black one same as the real one also the blades are correct aswell with the writing and warning sign on my fake. Also another thing is the motors, the real syma's have one with a black top and one white top and the wires are coordinated between the 2 and the fake are not these colores 1 is pink and one green. Also on the real ones the gyro bar the tips are round and on the fake the ends are more flat.

If you want to know I got the clone from Pro Ebiz LLC aka Pyrus Electronics and the real ones I have from Superstition Hobbies both are sellers on Amazon.  Hope it helps make your site even better. If you have any questions feel free to write back.

Thanks for your input-SF


Email from Michael Stevenson

Hello SF:

Superstition Hobbies is a Authorized Direct Imported/Distributor of SYMA Helicopters And Parts Directly from SYMA Toys Industrial Co. LTD of China. It seems though that there are some other S107 Helicopters being sold on Amazon as SYMA that may not be made by SYMA.

The ones we have found currently to be questionable have certain differences than the Genuine SYMA S107G here are a few.

2. The Motors #S107-16 and #S107-17 the tops are green and red if they are? Genuine is Black and White.


3. The wiring on the motors are red and white and blue and black if it is? Original Red and Blue and Black and White.

4. Circuit board has a red flashing light in the middle of it if it does? Genuine is Yellow or Green


5. Circuit board should have writing on it of “S107R5” if not possible fake?


6. The tail rotor is a different has a flat tip if so? Genuine is rounded.

I am currently working with SYMA Toys Industrial Co. LTD of China to see what we can be done about this.  I have a Letter from Syma acknowledging these diffrences.

If it does meet any of these descriptions above then it is a duplicate/fake SYMA S107 according to SYMA Toys Industrial Co. LTD .

Unfortunately the Company I have found to be selling the fakes is Amazon Corporation them selves. I have purchased samples from Amazon Corp and the are confirmed that they are fake Syma S107's.

Just thought you might be interested in this bit of information.

Michael Stevenson

Thank you for your input Michael-True from Ebay to Amazon people will try to make dollars selling fakes: Your info is very helpful to all- I buy mostly from Amazon as never had a fake from them-Amazon has a great return policy that helps to protect buyers-with your information and the rest of this post makes people realize there are some sharks out there-

7th August- I have created another page with more photos of Genuine Syma S107 and Fakes-These photos were emailed to me by Ethan also a passionate flyer of the  Syma S107 -View Here

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