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The Syma S301G is a jump up from the Syma S032G A nice looking RC helicopter from the Syma factory-However is it any good? Review below by Supernova (Bernie) from our Syma forum  Also with video....

We bought from  Amazon the Syma S301G to do this review. I have bought many helis from Amazon and happy they are genuine.




The Review of the Syma S301G

I will put the specifications of the Syma S301G at the bottom of this post.

This review has been created by Bernie known as Supernova on our Syma 107 forum as a caring moderator that puts a lot of effort and time for zero money,  he is a great asset for us all-Thank you Buddy!!

The Good Points Of the S301G Syma RC Helicopter

Good points.

1/ The instructions are not very well translated but the parts list is very helpful and with part numbers.This makes it easy to work with on the schematic drawing.

2/ For the United Kingdom and Australia you will need an adapter plug, this is not a bad thing because with the adapter plug you get a fuse built in.

3/ The controls are very good and easy to use this makes for enjoyable flying.

4/ The overall looks are very impressive it comes in 3 designs Red Blue & Yellow.

5/ The power is great!! because of the big motors and large gear wheels this makes carrying a Key fob camera a simple task.

6/ The Flying time is better than mentioned in the instructions at 9m 32.8 secs, far better than the advertised 7-8 minutes in the instructions.

Syma S301g

Bad points.

1/ Instructions translation could be better, with a mention of the removal of the Canopy mounting

2/ Charge time is a bit long at 100 mins but considering the charger, this in not really a fault.

3/ The novice to expert tail motor button on the transmitter made no noticeable difference to the speed forward or reverse that I could detect when flying.

4/ The drift to the rear, could be a problem with this particular model I had, but I would prefer to have the drift to forward motion, but this can be sorted with a bit of bluetak to the nose or the keychain camera to change the center of gravity.

5/ Very disappointing in a wind over 2MPH.. As the video shows, ok when sheltered but above the bush line the wind will take it away, this could be improved by more power to the tail rotor or better balance and no rear drift.  This could be achieved with a camera mounted in the correct balance place. But the wind is not the place for this Helicopter much more at home in a big room or hall.


Here is Bernie's Video on the Syma S301G

Bernie preaches the same thing I reckon, coaxial helicopters just hate any wind, as I said on the Syma S031G Review , better to fly at home or better still in a big hall.All in all a great looking heli with heaps of power.

Yes they will fly outside but just remember not in any wind.

The Syma S301G is still great to fly at home.

Would I recommend buying the Syma S301G - Yes

Syma S301g

Some Specifications of the Syma S301G

Product Feature: Up/down,left/ right,forward/backward with gyro
Battery: 7.4V 600Mah Li-poly
Charging time: About 100 - 150 minutes
Flying time: Approx 8 minutes
Controlling distance: About 45 meters
Battery for controller: 4 x AA batteries (not included)
Product Size: 45.7 x 8.3 x 20cm
Box Size: 69.2 x 29.3 x 11.6cm
Frequency: A/B channel selector
Test report: CE ROHS FCC ASTM

Syma S301g

Buying Advice for The Syma S301G

I recommended one places to buy with safety from.



Photos of The Syma S301G


Fly at home or outside with no wind!!


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