Syma S107 Battery Not Charging?

Why Change Your Syma S107 Battery?


Reference for this modification is from

1. The battery is not holding its charge as long as it should do. The symptoms of this can be short flight time like only a minute or two and taking too long to charge before light goes out on USB charge connector. Can also cause Syma S107 to spin and not take off-Just not enough battery power.

2. You Might also want to get longer and better fly time compared to the stock Syma S107 battery she has fitted.

3: Most problems happen because you are hammering that poor old battery by re_charging without letting it cool down. It gets hot between flights and needs at least 10- 15 minutes cool down between charges-Otherwise guess it gets over charged and really bloats and screws the cells in simple terms-Follow This Tip! for battery life-buy two Syma S107 so one is always ready for flight and time to cool battery.- : Serious : Then you are always flying dude!!

Getting a Syma S107 Replacement Battery

Obviously, the safest approach is to insert a original replacement battery to ensure that all is as factory. To do this you'll need to find a battery with same specs as the Syma  S107 original battery. Here is a site to buy a stock replacement battery. Here

If you want to get a longer fly time better than original Syma battery you will need to get a 5.6g 240mah battery. Bearing in mind this is a heavier battery, balance can then be a problem and some weight on the tail might be advised. Be careful going in this direction unless you know what you are doing.

Instructions below:


Syma_s107_canopy_screwsUn-clip canopy


Red and Black wires-Cut with care


syma107-battery-repairJoin Wires.

Use Liquid Electrical Tape-Easier

Insert New Battery


Attach canopy with two screws


Re -charge-if flight not good it will be a balance problem: Re adjust battery position: I attach the wires by electrical tape- But better still is to use Liquid Electrical Tape -you could use a plastic heat tube-to me to much work as many flights later the battery will die again. Make sure Main rotors lines up with the center of BLADES.

Spare Parts for Syma S107- Here

Reference for this modification is from great site to visit-good info and straight shooter!

Battery Mod Update 06/15/2011: Modification by Dale.Really neat way to put different battery on the Syma S107. View Post Here


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