Syma S107 Battery Mods-Update

I have a great Syma S107 Freak like me-I would like to introduce Dale Scribner. He has emailed me some Syma S107 Battery mods with photos that I feel is really worth considering to get more fly time from your Syma S107G.

I know he will be online to help with any problems you might have organizing your Syma S107 battery mod, so contact me here and will get his help for you, however just follow his steps and photos that really explain all-He loves his Syma's and gets the most out of them. So below is his email and advice with photos to change the battery power of your Syma S107.

Email From Dale Syma S107 Battery Mod:

I purchased the connectors, and the E-flite 3.7 150 Mah 12c batteries at the hobby store.  Remove the nose, 2 screws. Unsolder the syma battery and remove it. Remove the weight from the nose also. Feed the connector up through the slots and solder the red on the left and the black on the right, same as original. Replace the nose.

If you find Amazon out of batteries try Hobbyking they are cheaper and quality not to bad, you have to get your own velcro. Connectors also ok but you have to cut end of wire not required-doable!The connectors from Amazon are better,they sell out fast.

Apply the supplied velcro to the bottom of the nose, the loop side. The velcro comes with the batteries. Apply the hook side to the battery. Charge the battery and plug it in, press it to the velcro so the the black end of the battery is even with the back of the nose shell.  Note your polarity, always.

The S107 will be balanced for flight. I kinda think the batteries look like armaments under the nose. No more waiting to fly, just change batteries and go for it.

I purchased a Parkzone battery charger or a single battery. They make a bigger one that will charge 4 batteries. I am going to purchase that next. The single battery charger uses 4 AA batteries and you don't get to many charges. Also, when you apply the velcro to the battery, as I show, it fits to tight into the charger. I took my Dremal and opened the back of the slot until the battery fit as it should.

There is a picture of a tail motor mod. I modified the motor housing to fit the radius on the bigger motor. Super glued the motor on and wired it. With the larger motor, I need to move the battery forward more to balance it. But it work just fine.
Thx, Dale--

Thank you Dale-Photos below in order Dale sent me:

Battery Connector-Click Photo Or here, on Amazon-Battery and connector for $7.37












Well there you go-great mod and photos from Dale Scribner. Guys it is important to thank great heli freaks like Dale for sending me this information- Feel free to leave comments, you might have also done some battery modifications on your own Syma S107, share with us below- or any mods done on your Syma Helicopters-  Above all enjoy your Syma S107


Point to mention-If you are going to do any modifications I and Syma manufacturer are not held responsible for your mods-Do not do mods and expect a warranty on your Syma S107-Just beware you are on your own with any modifications you do to your Syma-

Dale has just sent me another mad mod on his Syma S107 to land in water-must be done not in bright sunlight as infra red remote-Pretty cool idea-photo then video below:You need to do Dale's battery mod above first-all for power and center of gravity.


Up Date Email From Dale January 1st

The pontoons were cut from Styrofoam, sealed with water base paint, then sprayed with water repellant. I tried several versions before I got it right.

I wasn't flying in the sun. There are large trees behind the pool and I waited until the sun went behind them before flying. One time I was trying this and some rays came through the trees and the heli dropped like a rock into the pool. The heli would spend the night in the oven on 110 degrees and was fine the next day. I did not bake the batteries, just dried them off with a paper towel and blew out the connector. I did use the battery mods listed on syma107 site as we needed the extra power to break the water tension. I had to try this quite a few times before I got it right. With the pontoons adding extra weight, it was marginal at best. I used dental floss to tie the pontoons on.
Thank you,


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