My Review Of The Big Syma S031G


I have most of the Syma Helis produced,the Syma S031G is their biggest rc helicopter at this time produced from the Syma Factory. View review below

I will put up all specs of the Syma S031G after this review.It has taken me longer to review because here in Australia the weather has not been suitable to fly outside,to much rain and wind.However I have had some hours flying outside and in a large Scout hall.

This is a good looking big heli, just compare the smallest Syma S110G to the Syma 031 photo below.


I think it is important to stress that any coaxial helicopter has problems flying in any wind at all,the turbulence caused by top and bottom rotors combined with wind creates a huge problem to control the flight.Because the S031G is a big helicopter (61 x 9.5 x 22.5cm) and has a non infra red remote meaning you can fly outside, maybe up to approx 50m in height.

The Syma S031G is not a heli you can fly inside your home, it is just to big, you are better with the  SymaS032G (Review) that is doable to fly at home.So my views on flying outside with the 031G:

  • You must pick a day either early morning or dusk with no wind to fly outside.
  • If you can find say a big gym or scout hall,maybe a double garage,great to fly the heli in.
  • Make sure the aerial wire is extended to hang down when flying not wrapped around landing gear.

Some flying tips for the Syma S031G

  • Turn on remote, extend radio antenna to it's full point, then switch on 031G switch left hand side, wait a few seconds to bind remote.I as mentioned like my heli aerial wire antenna hanging down.
  • Slowly push up throttle until lifts from the ground,just hover and see if spinning left or right and adjust trim knob on remote.Land and now throttle up for a bigger height hover.
  • I like the tail rotor motor switch turned on for more rotor engine power to move heli forward and back-poor photo below but you get the idea.


  • You need some space to turn this bird it is not like the Syma S107G that turns fast and tight.
  • I fly for around 8 minutes as never fly until she drops out of the sky, also can drain the 23 7.4V Li-Polymer Battery in the 031G so will not take a full charge. Also wait at least 10 minutes before recharging to cool battery.
  • Do not fly this heli so high you lose radio contact-50-70m max.

Good and Bad Points of the Syma S031G


  • Has great looks to display on your mantle piece-not that is what you are looking for?
  • Will fly outside no wind!
  • The heli battery takes nearly an hour to charge-painful wait-guess go fly a Syma 107 why you are waiting!!
  • I was disappointed with the forward and backward speed-I really feel a heli of this size should have bigger brushless motors.The motors were some what loud in operation and required a fair bit of throttle to lift up,then a bit of juggling with the throttle to get the right hovering height.
  • It gets a bit bogged down going backwards, again throttle control required-In my opinion this would not be a heli for a beginner, just my view, start with the 107G first to get flying expertise.
  • I got used to the aerial wire on the heli hanging down,however watch what you are flying over as caught mine on washing line.
  • As mentioned hit washing line crashed and broke one top rotor connect buckle they seem a little brittle, I see that as a problem with future crashes.
  • Tried a keychain camera-will post video soon.Handled the extra weight ok.
  • I feel it is a little nose heavy on forward flying as can dip the nose fairly quickly if you give it heaps of power.


Would I recommended you to buy the Syma S031g?


The more I have flown it she has started to grow on me-However the best flying was in a big hall and not outside.I feel if you are really keen to fly outside think about a single rotor heli, of course the costs go up and a 4 channel heli is harder to fly.

Maybe try the S032G fist as big but ok to fly at home. My strong feelings are that Syma produces great mini helicopters like the Syma 107 and S111g to mention a few but feel they have not really mastered the bigger heli as of yet.I know that I can be a bit hard on reviews and might upset some, but this is only my opinion.

So should you buy a 031G? I would have to say No! Unless you have a big inside area to fly in sure buy one.I just feel you will be waiting for a wind free day to fly the S031G which can be disappointing.However we are looking at a big heli for around $50 depending where you buy from,compared to say a Walkera heli which are great but expensive.

I am lucky as have a huge scout hall that I can fly in at any time.So below are some specs and photos plus some safe buying options should you decide to buy one-

Take Care-Syma Freak.

Specs on Syma S031G

Product size:61 x 9.5 x 22.5cm
Flying time:approx 12min
Flying height:approx 50m
Control range:100m
Charging time:150-180 min
Battery for transmitter:4 x AA (not included)
Test report:CE/ROHS/FCC/ASTM
Net weight:1.7kg



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