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The Syma S800G is the latest Helicopter from the Syma Company.

As most of you know I love my Syma S107G but always buy and review the latest Syma RC Helicopters as just love these birds-Below my review of the Syma S800G

Well let us go straight into the review with specifications of the S800G at the end of review,as really excited with this 4 channel heli from Syma.

The Pros Of The Syma S800G

To start with the pros of the Syma S800G which to me after over 30 flights take over from the bad points : Read on--


As you all know me as Syma Freak, I love my Syma 107  but now I feel there is a bit of competition with the  new 4 channel Syma S800G. It is very different in it's build and flying ability. A 4 channel heli gives you more flying experience-to put it bluntly, you can now drift to the right and left at the same time spinning this bird-see video below.

I have found buying sites that post with free shipping, still feel Amazon is the best deal tho.

Ok, to move into the review-This Syma heli has different gearing and a swash-Plate concept, really different to the Syma S107G- that means has 2 servos attached to Swash plates-simple put the S/Plate controls both the forward and left and right movements-pushing the throttle to speed up rotors gives you the lift. Speeding up single rotor gives you the drift left or right.

What is really neat is there are less moving gears than the 107g less damage on bad crashes. It comes with a screw driver and spare props,reason to mention this if you need to change the rotors make sure you look out for the small white washers attached to the rotors,if you lose them they are not supplied in the box-I learn't the hard way.Click to enlarge


In the box delivered it also has two canopy colors which are pretty cool and easy to swap over.Mine arrived with white canopy.


I really like the red-just my preference-again easy to change over.


Below is a photo of the box arrived in giving you an idea of what you get.


You get spare rotors, screw driver. remote,USB charge cable and two different color canopies.

Now To The Pros and Cons of The Syma S800G


I suppose the easiest way is to start to compare flying the Syma S107 to the Syma S800. The first thing you will notice is the throttle is a lot more sensitive and you can hit the ceiling really fast, so start slow on bringing this bird to hover, the Syma 107 ( is more docile that way. What I really hated was the size of the remote (transmitter) it is the same size that comes with the Syma S110G I found that ok as you do not have the drift control on the throttle for the S110G. Having got used to the Syma S107 remote which is bigger I found this small remote to be a pain as I have  fat fingers , not very delicate hands--- The one on the left is the S800G Remote- on the right Syma S107 remote.



If anything this is really my only bad point of the S800G is the remote, having said that I am getting better controlling both the lift up and the drift,so bear in mind when drifting this baby watch not to push the throttle up at the same time to hit the ceiling. Strange tho as let a friend fly it that has never flown a Syma 107 and he mastered it really fast, I have a feeling as fly planes a lot really used to a mode2 remote and need to think more, he did say he found remote small in holding.

Having given a bad hit on the remote side-I have to say this heli is really fun to fly. It is faster with the forward control, (right stick on remote) than the 107G does get a little bogged down flying backwards, just throttle control,but at the same time you can drift it and spin it around your room.

There is no rear motor to move forward or back like the Syma S107- just a wimpy prop that spins in the wind, as said you have swash-plate organized------------


Guess less motors to worry about replacing in a bad crash?? I am getting at least 6 minutes flying time with same as the 107G waiting 15 minutes in between flights to let the battery cool before recharging-Tips here on Syma battery care   Battery mod help  Depending if you fly it until the battery depletes and falls out of the sky can take 40 minutes to recharge- I never do that as guess got lots of Syma Helicopters to fly. I prefer charging by USB  cable supplied as charging by remote knocks out your AA remote batteries fast. The charging socket on the S800G is under the heli not on the side like the 107G which means you have to lay it on its side- The on and off switch for the heli is also underneath near charging point, a little hard to turn on if you have fingers like the hulk! but ok. The build is alloy like the 107G gross weight around 500g in the box-- and by itself nearly 45 grams, bit more than 107G.

Syma S800G-In-the-box

Charging Socket underneath 800G, also on and off switch.


Drifting The Syma S800G

I wanted just to mention the drifting left and right with the Syma S800G as you could make a few mistakes first off giving you a chance to hit the walls in your flying area. When flying the S800G forward, that is you are looking at the rear of the heli in flight the drift control on your remote is easy using the throttle stick-so say you want to drift left you push the stick to the left making sure you control the throttle,as said before the tendencies are to push the throttle up at the same time hitting the ceiling- Now you have to think the opposite when S800G is flying towards you, to drift left you must push the stick to the opposite way-so flying or facing you and you want to drift to the right push the throttle stick to the left- and the same to drift left push the stick right-hope that all makes sense? So as spinning and wanting to drift you have to think a bit more, hence as said this heli teaches you more flying techniques and takes you to another level of flying.


Syma S800G


Unfortunately I am not the greatest at videos but found this one on Youtube that really points out my ideas of the remote, but the guy is flying this like a machine-Links below to help you buy the Syma S800g, also my conclusion of this heli and should you buy it-SF


He really shows on the video as you saw the flying assets of this heli- sure we both knock the remote, but hey I am getting really cool flying it now, sure a new concept flying a 4 channel heli,but the price seems ok around $31 to enter into a new flying experiences having 4 channels- My conclusions below--

Syma S800G

Conclusion of the Syma S800G

Would I recommend the Syma S800G to buy? Yes I would. However I feel you should start off with the Syma S107 G complete review here the reason it is easy to fly for a beginner and then move onto the 4 channel S800G, again this is just my feeling for a newbie.

I really like the learning curve flying this bird, it really does test you out.Remember these helis are for indoors as infra red remote,they hate digital TV and sunlight as explained on the main Syma 107 review .Below are some safe links to buy the 800G, also at this stage there seem to be no fakes or clones out there that I have found. I really feel you will enjoy this heli and we will see more 4 channel helis from Syma Company. I would like to see a better battery set up that means you could have a few 1cell lipos charged and ready to go with better than one fixed battery-however I know Syma is watching our site guys!

Do not forget passing by our Syma forum-Great help from Syma Freaks like me- links below I have bought from-Take care -SF

Safe Buying from Amazon -Here

Spare Parts for Syma Helicopters


More photos of the Syma S800G

Charging by remote


Canopy removed



Specs of the 800G

Product Size: 21.5cm x 4cm x 9.8cm
Material: ABS, Alloy Metal Body/Canopy
Controlling Distance: About 10 meters
LED Strobe to flash for night flight
Suitable for indoor flight only
Full function 4 channel radio control w/ Built in Gyro
Battery type: 3.7V 150mAH Li-polymer Battery (USB Chargeable)
Run time per charge: approx 5 minutes

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