Syma S108G Marines Apache Military Infrared 3CH Micro Heli

Syma has just realeased the Syma S108 Apache Helicopter:


Just wanted to keep you updated of new Syma Helicopters for 2011:

I have just received mine,the S108G IS FUN!

Newly released in 2011, in this ultra micro helicopter, it includes a 4-in-1 infrared controller (Gyro + ESC + Mixer + Receiver). This makes the palm size helicopter have outstanding performance in hovering. It is A GREAT HELI that it can fly smoothly and has a very detailed body frame. Looks very alike the Military Helicopter Apache. 3 Channels for flying it, able to move in 6 Directions.

It's detailed and beautiful fuselage is decorated by flashing LED light, making it looks great in visual effect, especially flying it in a soft light indoor area. As it is made of very light plastic, that protects the heli from crash, it won't break easily. This would be great for those who are new to R/C toys! This toy helicopter is designed for those who are over 8 years old. And for old guys like me-Lol!

The latest Gyro version, equipped with a 4-in-1 infra-red receiver (Gyro, ESC, Mixer, Receiver). This palm size Helicopter (8.5 inches long) has a very beautiful and detailed fuselage, decorated with flashing LED, the visual effect is great, especially in a soft light indoor area. The Syma Mini Helicopter Series is able to move in 3 Direction base on the 3 Channels, anyone can hover it easily. Since it is very light weight, amazingly it is almost indestructible in any crash, perfect for very first time beginners. This toy helicopter is designed for anyone over 8 years old, flight time is around 5-6 minutes after 20-30 minutes charging. It can fly in 6 directions. They are:

- Rotate Clockwsie / Anti-Clockwise
– Move Forward / Backward
– Move Up / Down

Will do a review on this bird shortly.Really looking forward to strip this bird down to see if any better than my beloved Syma S107G which I now have over eleven of them-crazy shit but love doing  mods like repaints different batteries etc.

So at this stage here is a video and images of the Syma S108 or Syma S108G:

SYMA S108G 3.5CH Infrared Mini RC Helicopter Gyro at Amazon

Some Photos Of The Syma S108G



So if you are thinking of buying, i like buying from Amazon . There are a few on Ebay tho. Always be careful if they are really cheap, could be fakes – check out post  Syma S107.

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