These pictures were sent to me By Another Syma Freak like me on Fake Syma S107 Helicopters.

His name is Ethan, let me tell you these photos are put together by Ethan for the love of buying genuine Syma S107G Helis-

Enjoy and thank you Ethan for your hard work and input

Let us start with Genuine photos of the Syma S107

Genuine Syma S107 Helicopter Photos

 If you click on photos should enlarge-Then Click Back For More Syma S107 Photos

Genuine Remote Syma S107 Battery  Separator

Syma S107-genuine-battery-seperator

Syma S107 Genuine PCB Board-1

Syma S107 Genuine PCB Board-2

Syma S107-genuine-circuit-board2

Genuine Syma S107 Remote  Controller

Syma S107-genuine-remote

Genuine Syma S107  Remote Back Texture

Syma S107-genuine-remote-controller-texture

Genuine Box Holder-Syma S107


Now Some Fake Syma S107 Photos-From Ethan

Fake Syma S107  Box Handle


Fake Syma S107 Inner Parts


Fake Syma S107 Parts 2


Fake Syma S107 Motors


Syma S107 Fake Motors-2


Fake Syma S107 Boxes-Genuine On Top


Fake Syma S107 Tail Rotor


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Disclaimer:You must realize that this is the view from a Syma S107G freak like me Ethan-All photos are supplied by Ethan to the best of his knowledge to be correct-However you must do your own research on this-It is not correct to hammer Amazon if you think you have a fake or clone unless your Syma S107 does not fly correctly out of the box-Best to contact me first to see what the problem really is-Contact Me

Again thank you Ethan for all your time and effort to produce these photos on the Syma S107 I know you did it for the love of it but I feel it really helps people to understand more about the Syma Helicopters and the scam merchants out there downgrading a cool helicopter-Take care and thank you again---SF

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