Why Start The Hobby Of RC Indoor Helicopters?

syma s107

I wanted just to talk about the world of remote controlled indoor mini helicopters and the reasons to start out in this exciting hobby especially the mini remote helicopters and where it can lead you to and the fun and costs.

I started my hobby in flying when I was 10 years old- now a old but happy flyer at 60.In those days had nitro engines and no electric motors to power the planes.One also had to build one your self out of balsa wood-huge project only to have your first flight and smash the plane to pieces-Also most planes were attached to a wire so you just went around and around-pretty boring.

Remotes and servos came into play but more exciting was the concept of electric motors that were small quiet and cheap costs.

Going to the guts of this post- Mini-Remote Helicopters:

The entrance into model flying by having an indoor remote helicopter gives one the opportunity at a cheap price to see if you enjoy this hobby. These quality mini helicopters are not a toy helicopter far from that.

Costs To Get Started Flying Indoor Helicopters

For around $20 to $30 you will be up and running with a remote helicopter complete out of the box (AA Batteries required for remote) with a remote and a really well built metal alloy frame heli- (syma S107 review) This is not expensive when one considers other hobbies like Golf,oil painting, photography a hobby I also have a passion for.

You do not have to leave home or even your work place to enjoy zooming your heli around the office to amaze your work colleagues. Youtube video below.

The complete 8 minutes of flight which is average time between charging the battery takes away so much stress it should be incorporated in all work areas-lol.
Some times when I get home pour a beer out-crank up my Syma 107 and fly around my lounge room the stress of the day just vanishes- "Meditation in flight" Truthfully very satisfying especially as you get more control over flying the little bird.

Where does this lead you to?

To a point where you start searching Google, walking into hobby stores, learning how these little guys fly-Then one joins a local flying club. Why? the passion has started. One is now interested in planes, gliders,bigger helicopters, you also start speaking a different language, coaxial,single blade,Quad helis,micro cameras- you are now hooked and your family feels you have totally lost the plot!!!

Of course the costs for this hobby starts to increase-However you might just buy a heli like my favorite the Syma S107 and not go any further-Yezz right!!

This is the reason I have built this blog for some guidance on the correct reliable mini helicopter to buy. I have bought many duds over the last year until I got my hands on the New Syma S107. Please read my review

Above all start out small on costs like the Syma S107 and see if you get the bug for flying, then slowly progress to out door helicopters which can push prices up to a $1000 and more-Then it becomes a serious hobby and research is then required to find the correct flying machine that suits. Check For Buying Here

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