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Here are some questions and answers for the Syma S107-Is this RC mini Helicopter for you.

1: How much should I spend on this type of mini indoor heli?

You should if a beginner spend no more than $50 complete out of the box to fly.

2: Will the Syma S 107 fly out side?

This in my opinion is a indoor helicopter,can not cope with wind at all and is infra-red remote hates sunlight-if you are looking for a outdoor heli this will not be for you.

3: How easy is the Syma S107 to fly for a beginner?

The Syma S107 is a coaxial helicopter with gyro function to be able to hover very easily, is extremely stable and great for a beginner from ages 8 - 80. The remote controls are simple and easy to use. Heli flying advice

4: How much flying time does the battery give you and how long to charge up again.

You get around 8minutes flying time after fully charged: MY TIP: Do not fly the Syma S107 until she falls to the floor with battery drained, best to have 4-5 minute flight, let the bird cool for 15 minutes then recharge- wait for another 5-10 mins then fly again. These tips will keep your battery going for many hours (I have one that is up to 97 hours flying on same battery) Hence I have many Syma S107 so always one ready to fly.Generally takes 20 - 30 minutes using the usb cable supplied on computer to charge your Syma S107 -and a little longer charging from the remote.

5: Can you buy spare parts ok?

Yes you can at realistic prices- you need a small screw driver set - Spares Here

6:Why buy any Syma helicopters?

I feel you should read my review on the Syma S107 to compare with other brands.

7: Where is the best place to buy a Syma S107 from?

From your local hobby store if they stock them: I also recommend Amazon and RcFever
Please be careful buying from Ebay, there are some deals there but check seller out for negative testimonials.

8: What is the Syma S 107 constructed with and how strong is it in crashes?

It has an alloy frame which is light and durable- the blades are flexible plastic and take a lot of bashing,the tail rotor blade can break in a serious crash(comes with spare) The Syma S107 is not a toy and is built to withstand a lot of punishment and because not a plastic toy can be repaired if required very easily- spares are very available as mentioned earlier. You will be amazed at the quality of this heli  that other brands charge a $100 for.

9: I have been told there are fake Syma s107 being sold.

Yes this is very true. I have posted on this and what to look for in a fake and clones- Post HERE

10: Can I fly many Syma S107 at the same time?

Yes you can, however follow this advice: For two S107:
Turn on remote A and heli A. Make sure they are binded together.
Turn off remote A, leave heli A on.
Turn on remote B and heli B. Make sure they are binded together.
Turn on remote A.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions so we can build a better faq for the Syma S107 - Comment now!



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