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This is a quick up date of how I am going flying the Syma S107 Remote Helicopter as of  12/14/2010

I am unhappy-My best little girl in fact my first Syma S107 that got me hooked has just died a slow death.

My Syma Battery Advice


She took off had some great spins and started to descend after 2 minutes of flying to the floor- No puff left to rise up-She looked really sad just spinning on the floor: I was devastated-This had been with me for at least 2 months and harassed my dog who was happy to see my Syma die at my feet-So many hours of flying-so much fun-What should I do- Dig a hole and bury my greatest friend -NO NEVER

I gently took the canopy off my mate to find a swollen weeping battery!! I held the tears back- Was this my fault??

After some deep meditation and talking to my Syma mates on forums I had asked too much from here, especially her power force the battery-

After every flight I charged her-Then another flight-Did I  ever consider her battery-No never-Did I ever let the battery cool down before charging- NEVER!!

Ok let me get real here-This great heli will keep flying but you have to have respect for her power force ("May The Force Be With You" some BS)

As posted before on battery care -Realize this is really crucial for any remote helicopter or plane is battery care- They must cool down between charging-At least 15 minutes-Hard shit I know, however face the facts. Your trusted Syma S107 will die if you do not care for her.

Happiness is abound- Implant a new power force

As you can tell quiet mad on Remote Toys but the biggest problem we have is not letting the battery cool down before recharging-This is for any remote RC product.

12/15/2010 My Syma S107 is awaiting a new battery- Need to feel those blades swishing air in my face as she spins around me-Sensible up date soon.

03/23/ Good news, fitted new battery and flying my original Syma S107G again: Since then have bought 4 more with out a remote from Focalprice - yes mad I know but they give me so much fun. I buy them for friends on their birthday and presents for last Christmas-Going to approach my local hospital to see if can give some to the children ward-Will see if companies like Focalprice  might help on the cost, as really not flushed with spare cash at the moment-Will keep you guys posted on my crazy idea!!

08/01/   Yes I am still cranking all Syma Helicopters, my latest is the Syma S800G 4 channel heli that you can drift right or left. I did a review here really a neat bird to fly.As said on review could be a bit of competition to the Syma S107g. Come on guys get a Syma heli.. you will crank some huge fun.

Above all leave some crazy comments so I know not totally alone out there Lol

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