# Toy (single rotor and coaxial)
# Micro Coaxial Hobby Grade
# Quadrocopters (hobby & industrial grade)
# Single Rotor Micro 45degree Flybar Hobby Grade


Toy radio controlled helicopters are exactly that, a toy. They are very basic and cheap to buy. The controls are limited and not precise, but they are still lots of fun to fly and easy to control out of the box.toy-rc-helicopter

A toy RC heli can take a fair few crashes  hitting objects and walls etc. If you just want to put your feet in the water and see if you enjoy flying a small heli by radio control, then a toy heli is really a neat way to start out not costing you much money.

Micro Coaxial Helicopters


Micro Coaxial hobby radio controlled helicopters are the next platform  into heli flying. cost are a little higher and control ability required more. First off, hobby grade generally means there are individual parts on the helicopter that can be purchased from a hobby shop and replaced separately.

This means when you crash or break something, the helicopter is not finished and thrown out. you can purchase new parts and return your Heli to like new again. The other benefit with hobby grade is that replaceable parts allow you to upgrade to better components if required for better performance. A toy heli on the other hand comes as one, and if it breaks, it is over and out.

Micro coaxial hobby grade RC helicopters, also called dual or twin rotor helicopters start introducing real helicopter control - up, down, turn, forward, backward, sideways movement and of course hovering. Micro Coaxials are almost as easy to fly as a toy  helicopter but they are larger in size and weight. This means if you crash one, you may break or damage a part. The great news as  mentioned above,  you can fix it very easily yourself.You just need a small screw driver set and the new parts to fit.

If you already know you will enjoy flying a radio controlled model, and want good control over your RC helicopter, a hobby grade micro coaxial is a great way to start out. They are best for flying indoors, but a nice calm day outside will provide a nice flight as well.As mentioned on home page some have infra red remotes that do not like sunlight or any wind.

Single Rotor Micro 45degree Flybar


These little micro single rotor heli's are the next step up from the micro coaxials and a fairly new on the market. They are slightly harder to fly than the coaxials, but with the 45 degree flybar placement, exhibit most of the same self correcting stability that is offered in the toy and micro coaxial variety.

These little Helis essentially bridge the gap between the lower performance micro coaxials and the higher performance and larger single rotor versions. If you know you are going to like this hobby - these are a wonderful little heli to start out on.

quad_heliclick here to see Parrot AR.Drone Quadrocopter on Amazon

RC Quadrocopters are the latest development in radio controlled vertical lift platforms that are able to take off vertically, hover, and fly in any direction. There are 4 propellers arranged in a cross type configuration.

They are very stable and can cost huge amounts if you want GPS involved with them-check video below.This will blow your mind- the cost thousands-However can be built on a budget for around $700. I am working on this at the moment.

There is no single large collective pitch rotor or tail rotor that we are  used to see on a conventional RC helicopter. These propellers are fixed pitch, two will spin clockwise and the other two will spin counter clockwise. By correct and accurately spinning these four propellers at different speeds, all the common directional movements of a standard helicopter are the same - Hover, forward/backward movement, left/right movement, and yaw (turn rate) movement.

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