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Carl And Flying His Trikes
April 19, 2012 - 2:45 am



Yeah, I don't know how but whatever he has (I'm thinking it's a gyro now) takes off in about 10 feet going downhill. At least all he has to worry about making it messy is dog poop from his dogs and the dogs from his kennel.


"Did you know the Rogallo wing was

once considered as a re-entry-system vehicle for early NASA space flight?"


Hmmm... I wanted to try to take one of those $1 foam toy airplanes that allways just konk ya in the back of the head, and rig something up for it to be the recovery system for a rocket.


What woulda been fun to watch was a few years back they were doing drills with blackhawks over the area. I was probably in school, but they were doing wagon wheels, flying all over, and really doing a lot of cool things with about 30 blackhawks. About broke all of the windows in the house, but woulda been really cool to watch. They usually fly pretty high up, though. Had a new guy flying an apache a few months ago only a few hundred feet above the treetops. That woulda been a bit of a challenge if bruce was flying! lol.


Ah, I just love living under an alternate millitary flight path. Great stuff to watch every now and then, and it'll come in handy when zombies invade! As long as there's still a couple of abandoned cars rotting away after everybody else gets eaten, we'll be plenty fine! lol

Carl in WY
April 18, 2012 - 2:24 pm

Naaahh... It might surprise you! You could get in to a trike for e-a-s-i-l-y under

$20K if you didn't buy all the bells and whistles. I bought a trike (rather than fixed wing

or powered parachute) because of its high glide rate and safety factors in case of engine failure.

Recreational, leisure flying, fair-weather only. Portable and easily trans-portable,

 (or if you've got the hangar space - a decent sized barn or three sided cover)

they can take off in as little as 65 yards, land on as little as a two-tracker or smooth field,

run on pump gas, and depending on wing/engine size can fly as slow as 23mph or as fast as 100mph.

The main determining factor is the weather in your area. If you've got more calm days

than windy, that's the right combination.

Training and certification are necessary, but the freedom to fly low and slow, 

a highly responsive and sure-fire weight-shift control system, and the simplicity of

Rogallo-wing 2-axis flight is unlike anything else.  Did you know the Rogallo wing was

once considered as a re-entry-system vehicle for early NASA space flight?

'Course you'd have to fly only on days avoiding those Army helicopters flying by!  YIKES!

THAT could get 'hairy"!!  And oops! those "cow-pies" could be a little messy on landings!Smile

April 11, 2012 - 2:15 am

It's not like we really care about him flying over us. Our cows get loose on his side sometimes, he can fly on ours. The dogs get loose from his kennal, we know the feeling and let him go on it. Just as long as he doesn't spook the cows enough to make them go nuts and het loose. (granted, they're so used to it by now, and they need a little bit of action and excitment every now and then. Gets boering with the life of a cow.)


What would have been fun for a while was he had a bunch of friends of his that would fly all of theirs in one group over the valley. I think he's on like his third or fourth ultralight, and he's probably had different types of them.


As for me, I think the closest I'd be able to ever afford is my wonder of a six-year-old dollar tree kite that can fly as far as I have fishing line in the pole or the army helis that fly over the house once every other week or so when I'm home.

Carl in WY
April 11, 2012 - 1:07 am

Several clarifications to CPD's post:

1. "fun" doesn't e-e-e-ven begin to describe it.  Flying low and slow over the terrain is incredible! While there ARE altitude minimums and maximums, and rules against flying over populated areas, there's nothing like being able to look down and loiter over an open area and "taking in" all there is to see. Many things to learn, and responsibilities to assume, when flying ultralights of any kind, only two of which are a) ALWAYS have an immediate safe landing spot in sight; and b) avoid and yield right of way to other aircraft.

2.  Trikes and auto-gyro's are two different machines.  While the trike has a wing which provides lift, it's not considered a "fixed-wing," as the wing actually changes shape during different flight manuevers. They're sometimes called the "flex-wing-flyers." There's also a book available by the same name "Trikes-The Flex Wing Flyers" that explains everything one needs to know about them. Flight control is by weight shift, the process of changing the center of gravity to alter flight, just like a hang glider, but with a carriage frame and a forward thrusting engine and prop. Numerous combinations of wings, sizes, and engines allow for slow, medium, or fast flight; using wheels, ski's, or water-landing pontoons/floats.

Auto gyro's on the other hand, obtain lift through an overhead rotor, "auto-rotating" as a result of forward motion provided by a separate forward thrusting engine and prop. Flying much faster than a trike, the auto-gyro must maintain forward motion to maintain lift.

3. And yes, sad, CPD, that "Bruce" didn't obtain permission to fly over your field, or at least attempt to establish a relationship with you about his flight over the fields.  Hopefully he wasn't injured too badly, but his act(s) didn't help the rep of ultralight flyers in general.

4. Nowhere nearly as expensive as traditional fixed wing piston aircraft (Cessna's et. al.), ultralights also include small single or 2 seat traditional 3-axis aircraft in a variety of configurations. Flying for personal enjoyment and "taking in" all our beautiful planet has to offer, is an incredible experience. It had been a dream of mine since I was a young boy, and I finally "took the plunge."Smile

April 7, 2012 - 11:20 pm

My neighbor has one of those trike things. Not sure if it's the fixed wing or gyro version, but that's just because I never paid THAT much attention to it. It's always "oh,there goes Bruce again, flying over our field. He has all that land over there, why does he have to fly over our field? What happened to him giving up after that one crash however many years ago?"


Him and his friends allways used to fly those things in large groups until one of them (him) landed really hard in our feild. AKA Crash Landing.


Those things would have to be really fun I'm guessing.


Here's something that's really enjoyable along those lines- feature=BFa&list=UUsfIjK5sy9Upzcf316Xpytw&lf=plcp

Syma Freak
April 7, 2012 - 6:19 pm
Member Since: November 26, 2010
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Carl sent me some photos by email to post and some info-thought it was well worth posting as something different-his words below--

"When the weather is really nice outside in windy Wyoming, this
is what I like to fly: My Cosmos Bison ultralight trike with a
Zoom-19 wing.  440cc Rotax-Bombardier 2-cycle gas engine propels
the Rogallo-style wing cruising at 32MPH. Weight-shift control
2-axis, no rudder. Short takeoff and landing just about
anywhere. With the large wing and slow speed you
do feel every puff of wind and thermals, so flying for me is recreational,
fair weather only.  Does require training and you should be certified
to fly safely, check regulations in your area/country. When the weather is
BAD, I fly my SYMA S107G Indoors


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"Fly like a butterfly sting like a Syma" http://syma107.com

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