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DJI Phantom Series
The Serious Big Boy Toy Absolutely NOT for inexperienced NOR timid!
September 14, 2015 - 5:47 am

SF and the rest of Y'all!


In my profile I have my home E-mail address.


I'm going to post it again right here and now.  I get a whole bunch of E-mail at home address.


This address is:    rbethman@comcast.net


Don't be shy!  I'll converse direct with anyone from this entire forum!  I'll be straight up honest about the Phantom Series.


I'm open to any questions.  Other than some personal areas, I'll converse with Y'all on just about anything you would want.


The flight envelope of the Phantom is pretty wide.  It will climb @ 6metrs/sec, descend @ 2mtrs/sec, horizontal velocity WILL go to 17mtrs/sec.  (Not Recommended by DJI.)


It WILL go to an altitude of 800meters.  You have to keep within reason.  It gets pretty small that far away!


We have very wide FAA No Fly Zones here.  I happen to fall right square in one.  There is an FAA *Internal Memorandum* that delineates a policy that I am able to fly within.


This document for us Yanks is available here:


Operators can find this notice on the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Web site at http://fsims.faa.gov.


The Link gets all fouled up! "http://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/orders_notices"


That may have fixed it.  In any event, I'll see if the darn thing will make it as an attachment!


The short and quick extract is simple.  Recreational Modelers can fly by line of sight, no programmed flight, and weigh less than 55Lbs.


This policy is how I can fly around my house and places NOT flat off-limits!


To fly anywhere closer to an airfield requires notification to the Control Tower, and Permission.


I really have NO desire to get closer to an airfield!  The flight turbulence could easily take the Phantom out of your control!


During the middle of October, a group of youngsters up to age 16 is going to fly a very small Quad provided by Bell, in an obstacle course challenge.


I plan on attending.  I will offer to demonstrate the Phantom at this challenge.  I would not remotely qualify to compete.  However, it may open some eyes as to the Big Quads abilities.


If they allow it, I will try my hand at their course.  I will most likely stay higher than they do, but still show the maneuverability of this critter.


I'll will definitely get the adults attention, along with a LOT of oohs and aahs from the younger crowd and participants.


I will NOT let anyone take the controls!  I can't afford to go and replace the Phantom nor the camera system!


Yes, the rotor guards WILL be in place!  I absolutely do NOT want to eat up any more blades, NOR do I want a chance that a youngster get hurt!


I'll bring my fairly large 3/4" plywood landing pad that has foam pads underneath.  I decided to give it several coats of Tung Oil, and it REALLY makes the Grade A Maple side look very nice!


I also put two decals on the long sides by the edge.  They are vivid red " US 1".  I have also been considering placing an arrow on top of the phantom that is a "very" bright orange.  It is a left over from my glow fueled single rotor Helicopter days.


I had two different sized ones.  One was a 0.30 Hirobo Shuttle with a rotor blade disk of 3 feet.  The second was a 0.61 Concept 60SR with some heavy duty rotor head hardware.


It would be just a nice little flair.  I may even add a ring on each arm being sure to stay clear of the ventilation.


They come with red decals already installed on them.  Two on the front arms and none on the rear ones.


Those make it obvious which way you are coming or going.


I hope they let me give a demonstration!  I believe it would provide some additional education for the youngsters.


Regards, Old Sarge!

Keep them Flying!

September 14, 2015 - 4:54 am

Hi Y'all!

Sarge back at all of you!

I now have been flying the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. Before any of you decide to jump on the controller, (Transmitter), to one of these, you really NEED to understand what you have in front of you!  This is a very high powered Quad!  These motors ARE brushless. The rotor blades are 9" across.

This is dangerous to you and others!  I already have scars on my forearm.  It caught on some lattice work on my outside part of the deck.  Gut instinct took over and I grabbed one of the legs.  The BRAIN "should" have ruled!  The process of grabbing the leg and NOT shutting down the throttle is what got the scars.


Too make it worse, I take those 81mg Aspirin tabs every day.  So I bleed like heck!  I had blood running all over my left forearm.


I have not used the blade guards.  This has now changed.  They are firmly screwed into place.  This is a two-fold objective.  1) Save rotor blades.  2) Save skin!


DJI and "many" fliers recommend either way.  One is a concern regarding rotor flutter hitting the guards.  There is the issue of the blade vortex.


I'll tell all of you that have been flying Quads what you have most likely already learned.   There is the downdraft caused by your own rotors.  If you descend in that downdraft, you WILL get caught where you cannot stop the Quad from going down while in that vortex!


I am well aware of this, so I come in for landing at a slant descent.  This avoids this issue.


The Phantoms are not immune.  They WILL hover in a GPS lock in place at least with wind at 6-7 MPH.  Over that and you have to drop out of hover lock and run things fully manual.


The Phantom controller throttle does NOT drop down by spring!  It stays where you put it!  The YAW part of that stick DOES return to center.


So the pilot has to really keep his head in this!  Forget - It will get you!  The sideward and fore/aft IS spring loaded to return to the center position.


I've managed to go through quite a few rotor blades primarily on landing.  I have a swirling weird wind situation on my outside deck.


I'm putting up 1/4" fiberglass tubes with surveyor's tape cut to half width.  I've already run a test with a brass tube with a thin strip of paper taped to it.  Oh Boy!  I'm going to have to put at least SIX of these up!


Now, as to rotor blades.  They are solid white.  IF you decide to paint the tips, you MUST balance them before putting them back on!


This also has a fairly delicate gyro stabilized camera gimbal mount.  The camera is also fairly delicate!


If you hit it hard, replacement of mount and camera is around $600 USD!  You also have a Quad that weighs close to 3/4 Kg.  (Us yanks - This is 2.2 Lbs/Kg)


I haven't broke out my aircraft tachometer that can switch between a normal two blade or three blade prop.  That will get done once the blade sets get here.


You see nothing but a white disk!  Even when hovering.  So pay attention!  They will even cut small branches off trees.  I've caught it on video.  I only saw visually, leaves go flying!


This is nothing like an X6.  Those only weigh 10 ounces, (American), and grabbing the edge will only get your attention when you get a finger into a blade.


These Big Boy Toys WILL cause severe cuts and heavy bleeding even without taking the Aspirin!


So go at this easy, stay away from a building, tree, or anything that you can end getting backed up against!  Stay out in the open!  Don't push YOUR abilities too darn fast!


Be sure and stay clear of any other individuals!  They have NO clue!  I personally do NOT take pictures of individuals or groups unless they give permission.  I firmly believe in Privacy!


The camera will take individual pictures with HIGH Definition.  In fact, they are 14.4 Mega Pixel per pic if you set it on High Def.


I only use the camera for a view through my Android Smartphone to glance at to aid in avoiding things.  I only record the Video to see how my flight goes.  It does NOT store it on the Phone, it stores it on the MicroSD card.


You have to turn on the controller, the Phantom itself, and attach the provided cable to the USB port on the camera mount. 


You do NOT run the motors.  You DO have to remove the camera lock piece to do this.  If you don't, you can burn up the gyro mount!  I forgot once and it got hot as Hades!


Once downloaded to the computer with that cable, you can view it as the MP4 format it makes.  Play with the video and convert it to a WMV video, and if you have the software, you can record with a mic to explain what you were doing.  Some software allows you to take a WMA music file and add it to the Video as it converts and records it to the final WMV.


Have lots of fun, BE CAREFUL!  Enjoy the flying!


Regards, Old Sarge

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