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UH-1 Apache Crazy Mod
January 3, 2012 - 1:54 pm



Well, kinda... there is NOW A UH-1C HUEY BY SYMA!!!!!


Two days after e-mailing syma asking if one would be in the works, THEY HAVE ONE- the S119G!!!


All I need to do is buy it, repaint it to my specs, cut the old door out, put the correct UH-1D doors in/modify the door on it, possably extend it a little, and BOOM got it!. (heck, dissasemble it, cut out the door, move it back, get rid of the stupid incorrect fuel ports, and add the smaller door, then repaint it with specific spots masked off, then add correct decaling.)



December 20, 2011 - 3:29 pm

 Wow I was just digging through old posts to see what I missed before I found out about the S107... I'm really impressed with the brass wire frame design, as long as it's not too heavy to fly, that is! 

December 12, 2011 - 9:53 am

Dead in the water again


Tested the s53.5g on one half of the body, and it's too heavy, let alone the whole even after cutting the crap.


Then, took a built plastic UH-1b, figuring I could maybe buy annother and modify it to use the doors and interior from the cut-up metal one. No go either.


That really should have worked, since it actually weighs less than my 102, as far as I can tell without finding my postal scale.


I guess I have to order up the Italeri 1/72 UH-1D, and use a smaller one than what I wanted, or try it again with the larger blades I made...

December 3, 2011 - 5:46 am

Ok, dissasembled the rebranded 107, and started working on the body...


ran into two issues... 1 still not powerful enough to lift the metal body, and 2. can't cut into the body with anything I have.


Solution 1 is I've extended a set of blades w. styrene, and the solution to no. 2 is I'm going to have my grandfather cut along the lines with a cutting wheel on a grinder. That should do the trick, if he's careful...

December 1, 2011 - 2:43 am

Ok, so gonna try to go to aldi's and see about their off-branded 107. if it's cheap enough, (online price of $25, which isn't too good, but amazon's gouging at $30 right now) I'll pick one up for the project, since I really don't want to rip into the 102 now. It just flies wayyyy too well.

November 30, 2011 - 1:55 pm

Ok, flew the s102, and I'm feeling sorry for having to rip into it... it's like a caddilac!!!


Sits there, doesn't sway at all, great flashlight, since they replaced the red/blue flashers with two white LED's, has a smooth-as-butter older style remote, and is just a wonderful peice of chineese plastic.


I'll look it over, and if it looks like it'd be too destructive to take out the tail motor, i'll majically not have time to do anything with the guts until I can get annother for less than the gouged $30 they're going for. (so, I guess the week after christmas!) Heck, I might as well get a bigger one to power the heavier body, and spend the time to really lean it out.


I also think the battery is improved, since it has such longer charge and flight times.


The controllers are also non-compatable, I just tried syncing the s107 to the 102 remote, and it didn't work, and the 102 would not sync to the 107 remote.


The 107 has 3 frequencies, the 102 has, well, 2.

November 30, 2011 - 10:37 am

Got the stuff today.


Very suprised though, and kinda horrified-- the main heli I'm taking parts from (the s102g) is a beautiful craft, (charging now) but is much smaller than the huey body. I thought it'd be an inch or so, but it's relatively much smaller. Plus, the plastic body of the huey is actually die-cast, while the top part that I thought was die-cast is plastic (lol) so I'll have to do a lot more leaning of the body, and leave the bottom windows the same. (I really wanted to have the correct nose windows, since they're such a distictive part of the bird...) Also, the wires are so thin that I can't do what I planned on with cutting them and putting quick-disconects on them for replacing and maintaining the parts from the 102.


I'm really hoping for this to work, but I'm probably going to have to put a crap load more work into it than anticipated.

November 26, 2011 - 6:16 am

Ok, so have the s107 on the way, should be here very soon- at most half an hour. Nope, tommarrow… YellCryFrown (I'll edit this whenever I get it)

Got it today-- flies well, need to work with it a little)


And, the rest is in Toledo, Ohio. I'm guessing that'll only take until monday or, more likely tuesday. Rest is about two mail days away--probably here wensday... >:< )


Checking the regional "bargan outlet" store today for annother body- they aparantly bought a warehouse full of Testors kits after a fire, so they might have annother for half price. (or, they might have nothing!)


Checked, they had everything but. Coast Guard helis, and the Lindberg kit I was going to buy until I saw it was the wrong one pictured, and a crapload of p-51's.

November 24, 2011 - 11:13 am

Well, a slight setback-- checking the shipping tracker thingamajig, the S107 was supposed to come today, but it didn't, so I'm hoping for saturday. However, the main set of model, s102 and picooz til rotors aren't shipped yet, and come in a separate shipping.


I at least I bought the spray paint for it today, but I'm still expecting to not have it done before about the third week of December.

November 22, 2011 - 12:19 am

well, just found somebody doing about the same thing on the interwebs… just w. a different heli body that's 1/72nd scale.




I guess it's possable for that one at least!


Also, found a site with a neet "carbon fibre" paint scheme on their one s107... (mostly a note for myself...)

"If you look very close here, you'll see that the black

S107 copter has lightweight skids swapped in. Also, note the "carbon fiber" paint job.

This is simple to do, you first paint the whole thing solid gloss black, then put a mesh bag over it and shoot some matte clear. "




http://www.killbuckets.com/s10.....brass-wire frame)


http://www.killbuckets.com/s10.....tm (their homepage for their s107's)

November 21, 2011 - 8:20 am

Ok, ordered an S107, the body (unfortunately, I wanted two, but somebody bought the other... will look for annother at Michael's when I buy the paint) the picooz tail rotors, and I swaped for a much cheaper s102g blackhawk, which has the same inner workings/corpus.


So, if I could edit the topic name, it should now say Blackhawk in stead of Apache.


Anyway, the apache was insanely priced for the real-sized one, not the mini one that was way too small.


That said, the smaller ones look to be perfect candidate for the same treatment if I ever want a 1/72 scale mini version. Plus, there's many more options with that one. I'd do that, except it's not the scale/size I wanted. (1/43 is close enough to be in scale w. my O scale trains if I ever do anything with the both of them)

November 19, 2011 - 5:57 am

Just on this for now... as soon as it's done, don't be expecting me to be here too often...


As I figured, the things my mom thought were the same things at JC Penney's were really cheap crap ones, so I'll be amazoning the one I want. I'm just trying to figure out this one ahead of time, cause I usually wing it, and end up never finishing because of one stupid detail I didn't think of...


Bought the wire connectors/quick-disconects so I can remove the electronics without dissasembly.


Also remembered the old trick of taking an LED or lightbulb,hotgluing fishing line to it, running it where you want a light, and putting a dot of white glue. That works nicely for lighting on a train layout, and would probably work nicely for nav lights without spending nearly as much effort and battery.

Syma Freak
November 18, 2011 - 3:21 pm
Member Since: November 26, 2010
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Hey I was wrong on last post,you are a machine-keep us all posted on your mods

"Fly like a butterfly sting like a Syma" http://syma107.com

November 18, 2011 - 1:36 pm

Ok, so here's my formal idea, and any work or suggestions for the future on this one...


Goal: build an economic UH-1 Huey helicopter which accurately-enough represents the one I repainted last year

Supplies: Syma s109g Apache for parts, one picooz tail rotor, one Testor's model NYPD crappy UH-1D, which happens to be the only uh-1D or H on the market in 1:48/1:43 that won't break the bank, paint, decal paper, lazer printer, and anything else I end up using


I wanted to put a diagram on the stock photo, but I can't embed it--no way to search for the photo, just if it's already online somewhere else...


Anyway, remove the stupid fake red light on the top, use hole for mounting the inner guts of the apache, and move the LED from the front of the apache to the correct location of the IR jamming red light on the real thing, then sharpie red. (ironic-- model IR jammer on an IR helicopter!)

 cut through any supports in tailboom enough for tail motor w. mod propeller to fit on the bottom of the tailboom, plus enough room to get quick-release wire connector through-- that way I don't have to dissasemble the body to work on the guts- just manage to get a polarized wire connector snaped together, with a small leader if I need to...


Then cut out rear middle seats in the floor, make cozy home from gap for battery and motherboard.


Possably add green LED or grain-of-wheat bulb to the interior, but since it'll probably only ever be flown during the day outdoors, probably not.


Atach connectors to wires for drive motors so they can be kept in place if needing to take out just motherboard


Also, before anything else, paint olive drab, w. lt. grey interior on doors. Finally, print off correct decals, excepting the white ones being safety yellow--laser printer doesn't print w. white toner. Also, red danger arrow, since there'd be a lot of yellow


If it all works, I'll post it on youtube in a few parts- how to do it, a regular flight, and a special mini-huey meets huey thing, if I ever have the time for that when it gets warm again.


I've seen pretty big mods on these symas, but nothing THIS big...


I'm guessing that it'll probably weigh in at about 150% to twice the weight of the original, so it'll be much slower, respond slower, and not have nearly as much lift. Although, I'll be adding the picooz tail rotor to make it decently fast. However, it's not meant to be blisteringly fast, it just needs to hover, turn, and fly away into the sunset.


I hope to have this started next week, depending on a few things, and done long before winter really starts.


Thanks for any suggestions or comments in advance!!!

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