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Welcome to My Madness on Indoor RC Helicopters.Especially Syma Helicopters

I started this hobby a few years ago, because I have always been fascinated in aviation. I found it was a fairly cheap hobby to get started in. I was not really wanting to build a model at that time, but to be able to buy a RC heli completed and ready to fly-Welcome the electric RC helicopter, especially the mini helicopters that you can fly at home. Syma helicopters are just the best mini rc heli to start out with.

After buying around 11 RC helicopters, smashing the hell out of them and rebuilding them time again with spare parts, I came across the SYMA S107 also known as Syma S107G.

My Syma S107 Review:


The Syma S107 is a coaxial helicopter, having two main rotors stacked on top of each other.

The picture below shows how these two rotors spin in the opposite direction of each other and thereby cancel out the reactive torque that is produced by each.



Having two rotors also produces a significant gyroscopic effect that further stabilizes the helicopter. This makes this style of helicopter extremely stable and great for a beginner starting in RC Helicopter flying.

The Syma 3 channel S107 mini helicopter comes in a variety of colors, including blue, red, and yellow. However due to being so popular not always able to get the color one wants. I now have a Syma107 in every color-(told you am heli crazy)

Inside the box you get the helicopter itself, sturdy and well made, a infra red remote control with 3 channels built in , so that more than one toy won’t interfere with the other.

Also included is the proprietary USB cable that allows the RC helicopter to be recharged in just around 30 mins or less, when you plug it into a PC. Tip: When usb yellow charge wire pluged into PC will show a red light, check the brightness. When you plug Syma heli to charge light goes out. Fully charged when red light comes up bright as before, faint flickering red light not fully charged so wait. Always wait 10-15 mins between flying before charging to let battery cool down, helps for longer battery life-hard to wait I know!

You can also charge it direct from the remote. The S107 has a built in rechargeable battery. The remote control itself takes 6 AA batteries, so you may need to buy some when giving the Syma as a present to someone else.

It is a Serious Toy for Adults and Kids.

The latest 2010 version by the famous SYMA Toy Company, equipped with a 4-in-1 infra-red receiver (Gyro, ESC, Mixer, Receiver). This palm size S107 Toy Helicopter (18.5cm long) comes with Aluminum Frame and a Great detail canopy, it doesn't look like a toy, but a very serious Helicopter. It is able to move in 3 Direction based on the 3 Channels, anyone can hover it easily. Since it is made with Aluminum Frame, very light weight and almost indestructible in any crash, perfect for very first time beginners. This  helicopter is designed for anyone over 8 years old, flight time is around 5-8 minutes after 20-35 minutes charging by USB or Remote. It can fly in 6 directions. They are:

- Rotate Clockwsie / Anti-Clockwise

- Move Forward / Backward

- Move Up / Down

bending-syma_s107_bladesFlexible blades & balance bar-less damage on crashing.

What the Syma S107 is supplied with and some boxes they come in-Beware boxes without Syma Logo-Could be Fake or Clone.

syma S107_boxBox Arrives In

syma s107Alternative box it comes in



syma_S107_remote_controlInfra red 3 channel remote supplied

Syma_S107_remote_chargingCharging from Remote



USB Charging for your SymaS107

Some More Syma S107 Specifications:

Miniature size & light weight. Super wide infrared control miniature design for indoor flying 19cm long and weighing an incredible 34 grams.

Controlled by 32-level high precision speed. Auto stable, rotor blade system for steady lifting-up.3-Channel Helicopter movement forward / backward / up / down / left / right.High tenacity propeller.


High capability, dynamical Li-Poly battery. Can be recharged through the transmitter provided or USB Port

Charging and power indicator.
Main Body: Alloy metal
Can be simply charged by your computer via included USB cable or remote.
Controlled by digital technology. Infra red control system.
Tri-band Technology. Nonintervention used 3 bands.
High efficiency, driving motor and surge power.
Flying time: 6-8 minutes.
Charge time: 20-35 minutes. Depends if using usb to charge or remote-usb quicker.

Additional Information

Manufacturer (Heli) Syma
Power System Electric
Channels 3CH
Main Rotor Diam. 190mm
Overall Length  220mm
Weight  34g
Battery Helicopter battery: 3.7v Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Transmitter Infrared control system - bands A, B.

If you have lost or would like to view the Syma S107 Manual- Download here pdf file

Problems I Found With The Syma S107:

I have to say there were not many-However there are some fakes out there-things to look for is--

1: Correct to have a square type charge outlet on the Syma107 not round-from some forums seems to have a soldering problem. Some fake photos below of rotor fakes.



Fake Syma 107 Info As Below

The main blade holder of fake S107 is made of metal, the genuine one is plastic in pure black color. The main blade of the genuine Syma S107 have a few lines about the warning. However, the fake one only have the word “WARNING"- Something to check. I do own a clone-It still fly's well: Clones are different to fakes: READ POST


2: Out of the box the SymaS107 should fly with only minor trim alteration which is in the middle of your remote- start to throttle up-when flying and turning to left or right trim using the remote-should be one notch-If the SymaS107 spins like crazy after adjusting trim, something is wrong, do not take it apart -send it back-Hence I only buy from reputable dealers, like Amazon, and Gearbest with a return policy- More below for safe purchase.

3: Can be a problem binding the Syma to your remote - is easy to fix tho-Try this- Switch on the transmitter and place next to the S107. Switch on the S107 and stand in front of the transmitter till the flashing green light goes solid. You should now be ready to fly.

4: Because this is a stable heli, your crash rate should be low until you get cocky- good thing is parts are cheap to replace.  (Spare Parts Syma S107)

5: Do not fly near digital TV or charge near one- watch out for very bright room lights,to me this is a indoor heli only and can not stand a breeze out side or a bright sunny day as the remote is infra red- If you want a heli to fly outside the SymaS107 in my opinion is not designed to do this - Having said that I do fly mine at night with no breeze on occasions. When flying inside try not to get to close to your ceiling as air turbulence will effect it and lose control-this happens with any indoor helicopter.Turn off fans and do not fly near air conditioners-Pretty obvious really.

6: It takes 20-35 minutes to charge the fitted battery- this can be a pain as you can not wait to fly this little bird more and more- To charge by remote takes longer and soon burns out your AA remote batteries - Use the USB  supplied- hell quicker to charge.

7: Another tip: After a flight with any fixed battery helicopter a good idea is to let the battery cool down before you recharge-Reason being it will preserve the battery longer as they do get warm -That is why I have a few Syma helicopters being charged by my USB- So look for good deals to buy two-Only my view.

8: One small issue I had was flying backwards-The heli looses altitude and gets a little bogged down, it does go backwards but real slow. If you are looking for big flying speed backwards this heli might not be for you. I never fly backwards can not see the point prefer forward and spins. There is a modification on tail rotor. Did try it and yes makes a difference but burns up battery power if flying backwards all the time-Syma S107 left as it is  to me just great. Want more from your heli buy a bigger more expensive one.

The Great Points:

Where to start: This is without doubt the best little mother heli I have owned-it is so stable. As soon as you stop going forward or back, she just hovers awaiting your next move-problem I found was I just got so cocky flying the bird that I started to dive bomb my dog who eventually won out by jumping from a chair and grabbing it in its mouth -Pain for both-The dog won, hence I bought two more Syma S107.

But from my heart this great helicopter at it's price that you should be able to buy for around $20- $25 shipped is the best value in life, and will give kids from 8 to a old fart like me at 60yrs old the greatest fun ever- I get excited every time this bird is charged and ready to fly- As I have 6 of them now my poor old computer is constantly charging my Syma 107. I am "Excited"

To be really honest I am amazed at the quality of the Syma S 107 for the price. I would have liked to see a better remote not being infra red and a bit more robust, however it does the job, and again for the price one can not really complain. Have seen replacement remotes for $11 should you break yours-not good idea to drop  it on concrete floor!

I am working on some modifications with battery. I have one stripped to the bones at the moment as like a kid want to see how it works so well-you need a small screw driver set for this.

Screwdriver Set What I did was rub a magnet on the required screw driver to magnetize it so able to hold the very small screws to the screw driver, helps a lot.


Would I Buy The 107G Syma

100% Yes from me!


Here are my trusted links below that I have personally bought from- I am always trying to find the best value, but also genuine Syma's sold with trust and back up to return if defective in anyway.

New Syma White 3 Channel S107 ON AMAZON

For Syma Helicopters:

I have purchased many RC Helicopters and Drones from Gearbest  - Yes good experience.. and Free Shipping. Just search on site for Syma, heaps to view.

I have posted a Syma S107 Spare parts page 

All the Syma Helicopters That I have bought from Amazon have not been fakes also any problems Amazon have a return policy. Also have found Gearbest does not sell fakes and Free Shipping

Yes you can buy cheap Syma S107 spare parts- View Here

I do not recommend buying from Ebay as there are too many fakes there, I found out myself buying 4 all fakes and never flew out of the box.

The Syma S107 is a fantastic helicopter: I have a  forum now set up- Feel free to view and post on Syma helis and Syma Quadcopters, also posts for other RC helicopters.


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